Our Web Methodology

Strategic Integration of Web Design, Web Development and Web Marketing Drives the Best Results from your Online Investment 

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Bayshore Solutions Web Design, Web Development and Internet Marketing Methodology for delivering measurable success to clients

As a leader in Web Design, Web Development and Digital Marketing, Bayshore Solutions' mission is to integrate marketing processes with information technology to deliver our customers measurable success.   To ensure we are always striving to attain this mission for each customer, we have created a proven methodology for strategies and services that drive best performance and results.

Although all customers may never embrace the full series of phases within the methodology, we feel it is important to have an eye to the future, to understand one's strategic position via the phases of this methodology and the techniques that make organizations successful.



The best plans start with the basics and so do we. Our methodology is based on understanding the customer’s objectives, target audience and commitment to online marketing. With this understanding our delivery teams can combine their skills to create a strategy that is customized for the customer.


First impressions are everything. We embrace this concept on many levels – users need to be captured by the visual, but they also need to have a directed path to find the information they are seeking. We believe that the best designs combine purpose, functionality, creativity and allow users to find what they are looking for in under three seconds.


Items that have form without function belong in a museum. Our delivery teams stay true to the objective of the site and incorporate technologies that execute vision. Reliability, scalability and maintainability are all factors considered when selecting the correct technologies. Our teams incorporate best-of-breed content management systems, eCommerce platforms, reliable secure hosting environments, and develop custom applications that fulfill the vision of the customer.


Build it and they will come is a thing of the past.  You must embrace what search engines, online media placement and eMail marketing have to offer.  Our delivery teams build effective keyword phrase search strategies and impactful online advertising that ensures our customers high positions in the natural and paid search engine results.  We enlist eMail marketing techniques to proactively reach out to prospects and to communicate on a regular basis with your existing customers.  Informng passive and active customers allows you to capture market share both ways.


With every click you lose close to half of your audience.  Once we have driven a visitor to your site, we want to make sure to keep them engaged and make information easy for them to find.  Our delivery teams leverage analytics to learn where visitors come from, how they interact with the site and what entices them to convert.  With this information we enlist multiple strategies, including testing of alternative content and images and submission of the site to focus groups.  We track, measure and analyze the outcomes looking for ways to make good websites truly great.


In the internet world, content is king.  Our delivery teams create content-rich campaigns utilizing social media, blogs, press releases, articles,videos and podcasts to keep users connected with your brand and keep your company top of mind in the media. We enable easy syndication of your site and its information across leading platforms like YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. Online reputation management affects a company’s brand and we understand the importance of monitoring and measuring the impact of online media for your company.


Now that you have a lead, what do you do with it? Our delivery teams have a daily awareness of this challenge, and create strategies that convert leads into sales in an expedited manner. Integrating technology such as CRM, marketing automation, lead scoring, workflow and lead assignment communications work to organize and streamline the process.


In the ever changing world of internet marketing, it’s obvious that you need a partner that keeps up with the latest techniques, technologies, and trends. Bayshore Solutions is using these channels to communicate our customers’ messages to the world. Our methodology provides a dynamic framework that allows us to focus our expertise on what is truly important to our customers: results!


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Excellent Design. Engaged Visitors.

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Expert Development. More Conversion.

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