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"27 Blogging Secrets to Power Your Community"-by Chris Brogan

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"Sharpen Your Web Edge and Grow Your Business" 

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"E-mail Campaigns: Who, What, When, Where and How?" -by Patty Bain

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Over the past ten years e-mail marketing campaigns have changed dramatically.  In the past, companies would blast mass e-mails out and fill up e-mail boxes with “SPAM”.  Consumers and e-mail providers have gotten smarter over the years and have learned to  block “SPAM” e-mail with Spam filters and other  security features.  Also, many regulations like the CAN-SPAM Act have been put in place to help prevent “SPAM”.


With all the continual changes in e-mail marketing, how do you know if you are following the most recent best practices and abiding by the latest laws and regulations, while still reaching your target market? 


Industry Articles

"Ten Easy Steps to Improving Your Company's Web Site in 2009"

CEO and President Kevin Hourigan shares ten easy steps to make sure your corporate Web site is performing to its peak standards. Mr. Hourigan writes, "For some of you, addressing this might mean fine tuning your Paid Search Campaigns to see if you can squeeze a few more leads out of the same budget. For others it might be getting your blog published or a bigger commitment to your Twitter postings. But, there are many who have not progressed so far in your online marketing; you don’t have a blog, you tried Paid Search but did not like the results, or the last time you “Twittered” was when you were snorkeling on that Caribbean vacation and you swam up next to a ten foot shark and you practically walked on water to get away…. Read More


"Build or Buy"

CTO Steve Hasselbach shares,"In these difficult economic times, companies begin to look inward at the services they use in order to trim costs. For a small company, it is amazing how the $100/mth and $1,000/mth services slowly creep and add up to tens of thousands of dollars per year. Companies evaluate each of the services individually to determine whether they are “nice to haves” or “need to haves”. From a technology standpoint we look at ...Read More





Featured Project

 Red Door Spas Suite Escape



Bayshore Brings Life to the First Community Bank Web Site

Bayshore Solutions partnered with First Community Bank to give their Web site a pleasing design and multiple easy-to-navigate functions. The Web site includes Bayshore Solutions’ core content management system, Keyoti Search and a detailed career module.

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“Best Blogs at Sea” Web Site Offers Behind the Scenes Look at Carnival Corporation & plc Brands

The success of Carnival Cruise Lines’ Senior Cruise Director John Heald’s blog has led to the creation of the “Best Blogs at Sea” Web site. ...Read More




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