An adept entrepreneur, Kevin Hourigan has led his web design and web development firm through the brink of the dot-com meltdown in early 2000’s to the high-energy, high-performance digital marketing agency known today as Bayshore Solutions.

As Bayshore Solutions’ Chief Financial Officer, Michael Sapp oversees all financial operations of the firm, including financial reporting, planning and analysis, accounting services, treasury and risk management.

As Vice President for Bayshore Solutions, Erin Gray is responsible for the overall management of her team, including operations and client services, as well as new business development. Erin’s career spans more than 20 years in integrated marketing, including brand development, storytelling, creative development, traditional and digital marketing and media, and audience engagement. She has a passion for research, new business development and strategic planning.

As Vice President for Bayshore Solutions, Liz Turner is responsible for leading a multi-discipline team ensuring the quality execution of cross channel marketing and web development strategies to address client opportunities and challenges. Liz’s career spans more than 16 years in digital advertising and marketing, account and client management, and website strategy and creation. She has a passion for delivering proven results to clients through data driven decision-making and optimizations.

As Vice President for Bayshore Solutions, Becki Dilworth oversees the Denver-based team in delivering marketing technology solutions to our clients. Becki also oversees Bayshore Solutions’ corporate marketing efforts. Her passion centers around one thing: The customer. Her aim is to create experiences that are meaningful, strategically aligned and, ultimately, drive measurable results.

The one thing that Tammie cannot live without? “Pizza! Hands down!”

Chris is a rare native Floridian that could no longer stand the heat and humidity – so he moved to beautiful Denver, Colorado. He loves to travel and has visited all 50 United States, all 12 Canadian provinces, and Mexico. In 2006, Chris was Time Magazine’s Person of the Year. It’s true. Google it.

Chase has been to Lake Powell more than 20 times in his life.

As a Project Manager at Bayshore Solutions, Cory manages projects. Cory likes projects. In fact, he likes them so much that he said, “I want to manage those, one day.” And one day, he did.
Cory’s next life goal is, “forcing my two young daughters into rooting for the same sports teams I do.”

Rich enjoys tech gadgets, cars, and Amazon. He also likes to promote the use of sustainable energy wherever he can. Which is why he encourages everyone reading this to leave the planet a better place for our children.

Kimberly proudly describes herself as a “Half Bubble off Plumb.” She must live near a warm ocean and enjoys losing sense of time and space while in thrall with creative pursuit, or a great story. Kim’s marketing career transcends non-profit to small business to multinational corporations – and the International Date Line. Her Nirvana? A Million Shades of Green.

The youngest in a family of four, Wesley grew up with a passion for art and soon discovered his creative outlet using PaintShop Pro. Wanting to easily show his classmates his creations, he discovered the wonderful world of Geocities and learned how to write HTML using Notepad – unlocking his passion for web design and development. Today, Wesley loves working with the design team to help solve the creative challenges they often present; walking the fine line between design and functionality while bringing their vision to life.

Wesley currently resides in Washington State and when he is not jumping from rooftop to rooftop fighting crime as Captain Bayshore, rescuing puppies and kittens from trees and cliffs, he can often be found hiking one of the many trails in the shadows of Mount Rainier. When Wesley is not hard at work, he enjoys being sarcastic, making his wife roll her eyes at him and expressing himself with animated gifs.

Mary is a senior project manager at Bayshore Solutions who enjoys spending time with family and friends, traveling, and football season – “Go Noles! Go Pats!” Mary lives in Saint Petersburg, FL with her husband Kirk and crazy cat Mittins (an adopted cat with an adopted name).

There are 10 types of people in the world, those who understand binary and those who don’t.

Johnny wrote his first voice simulation program using an IBM XT personal computer – making him the only 10-year-old in the neighborhood with a talking computer. To this day, he still loves the creative problem solving aspect of his job, but in his spare time he does a lot of cooking for the family, gardening, and speaking Italian. As Johnny puts it, “Only the creativity of true artisans can tame the seemingly endless software layers of logic and bring forth the quality software they produce.”
Outside of work, Johnny is devoted to his wife and two children and loves taking them on weekend and summer vacations. His extended family has a standing invitation to come share a home-cooked meal, cards, and perhaps a game of bocce.

For some reason, Tavares thinks dinosaurs still exist. He even goes by the name Tavaresaures Rex.

David Roberts… Programmer by day, beekeeper by night.

Favorite Things: Raindrops on roses, whiskers on kittens, bright copper kettles, and warm woolen mittens.
Things that Make Stephen Sad: When the dog bites, when the bee stings…

Valerie can be best described as “concise.” Some may say that she looks a little bit like her favorite fictional character – Luna Lovegood. Technically, making her an Evanna Lynch-alike. Her favorite holiday? VALentine’s Day (of course).

Fred began his digital career as a designer, but quickly found a more comfortable seat as a programmer, “I’ve always enjoyed puzzles and problem solving. Programming is a perfect fit for me.” Fred has been with us for over 18 years and has seen both technology and our company grow and change over that time. Fred’s interests include reading and going to the beach. With a long prior career in restaurant management, Fred still enjoys entertaining, cooking, and of course eating great food!

Derek loves vacation so much, as a young man, he used to summer in Iraq.

In her role at Bayshore, Libby gets to spend a lot of time talking with leads and customers, which is one of her favorite things to do. Libby is a rare breed in Florida, she was actually born in Florida! Key West, to be exact (Military brat). Which flies in the face of an old saying in Florida, “If you’re in Florida, you’re not from Florida.” In her spare time, you will find Libby at the dog park enjoying her Labradoodle and Goldendoodle dogs.

Jody has been a programmer for over 20 years. He is married to his best friend and together they share their love for music and play in a rock ’n’ roll band,

Patrick is a big fan of Steve Jobs, “He was a great visionary that ended up changing our world as we know it.” His favorite holiday is Thanksgiving because there are no gifts, just family and friends with a lot to reflect on and be thankful for… His favorite quote, “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around you could miss it.”

On 2 separate occasions, Scott traveled 140.6 miles without the use of an automobile. He was also in a band that opened for Kiss at the Amalie Arena. And if he had been born one day earlier, his birthday would be August 16th instead of August 17th.

When Eric is not working he enjoys hunting for gems and minerals, cooking for guests, and traveling to out-of-the way locations.
Fun Fact: Eric once used “Meat Glue” (Google it) to mold together two different species of sushi grade fish into a checkerboard pattern. His guests were impressed…we think.

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Shannah enjoys organization and taking on new technical challenges. Outside of work, Shannah enjoys trying new restaurants in Denver and exploring the Rockies with family and friends.

William is always ready to assist in any capacity and does it with a friendly smile. During his time off he enjoys spending time with his two beautiful children.

Meghann is a social media addict who loves to run, eat, and overshare her life with the world. Send help immediately if a day goes by without an update on any of her favorite channels.

Patrick brings 15 years of sales and marketing experience to Bayshore Solutions. A Florida native, Patrick owns a 10 acre Sunburst Tangerine Grove in Brooksville that keeps him and his wife busy during non-working hours.

A native to Denver, when Justin isn’t cheering on the 2016 Super Bowl Champs, the Broncos, you can find him racking up his airline miles exploring the world.

Brett actually ages in dog years. He is 273.

Sarah placed 2nd in the Gasparilla Distance Classic 10k for the 11-14 girls age group. In 2016.

If he isn’t exploring the outdoors, you can find Steve drinking multiple cups of coffee while reading any book by Kurt Vonnegut.

When Robert isn’t taking his son to Karate or his daughter to dance lessons, he might be watching his favorite movie, Last of the Mohicans, or enjoying his favorite meal, Chicken Tikka Masala.

As the Office Administrator and Coordinator of Everything, there is never a task or event that can’t be spearheaded by Tara. Her previous career as a counselor has prepared her to be able to observe, evaluate, and move mountains for her co-workers at Bayshore to get the job done. You can catch Tara in her off business hours spending quality time with her family.

Ryan loves live music so much he’s been to 5 states and 3 countries just to travel to various music festivals. He is originally from Fort Wayne, IN and graduated from The University of Tampa, where he studied Marketing. After 2 years of working in leadership and development, he moved back to Tampa where he has been working in digital marketing for the last 4 years.

Before entering digital marketing, Adria used her height to facilitate a number of job opportunities, such as the lucrative business of chimney sweeping and underground Rottweiler jockeying.

Reece has entertained crowds of avid fans as “Cam”, Colorado State University’s Mascot – Go Rams! In his free time, Reece likes to ride his vintage bike around Denver, throw around a frisbee, read science fiction, play board games, and savor a craft beer.

Justin is a certified instructor in both coastal kayaking and high ropes climbing. He has taken groups of daredevils across tree tops and bodies of water. There is no limit to his adventurous nature. He has climbed 5 different peaks in the White Mountains as well as Mt. Washington in the middle of the night to catch the sunrise. His bucket list includes reaching the tops of the 7 summits.

First in line at monthly Town Hall lunch, Lunch and Learns, Treat Trolley, and Birthday cake.

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