4 March

Have You Ever Heard of Jerome Jarre?

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Vine & Snapchat: How Your Brand Can Benefit From the Newest Video Social Media

By Martin McCauley, Bayshore Solutions’ Business Development Team

If you haven’t heard of Jerome, you might want to check with your teenage daughter (if you have one available), because she probably knows him.

Jerome Jarre is a 24 year old social media superstar.

Social media, you mean like Facebook?

No, not like Facebook.

Facebook is so 2012 (per that teenaged daughter), and it’s where you go if you want to find out what your aunt Ruth or grandma Betsy are up to. Jerome Jarre is dominating the newest social media platforms called Vine and Snapchat where you will be hard pressed to find a lot of grandmas.

In two short years, Jarre has amassed over 8 million followers on Vine (to put that in perspective Justin Bieber has just over 3 million). In less than year, Jarre has garnered over 1 million followers on Snapchat.

Vine and Snapchat are relatively new video-based social media platforms.

Video based, you mean like YouTube?

No, not like YouTube.

Vine and Snapchat are both based on short-form video (very short).
Brand Benefits of Vine

Vine videos are about 6 seconds, and Snapchat records video in 10-second chunks. Several of those 10-second chunks could be “strung” together to create stories, but even the longest stories are typically no longer than a minute.

So if you had concerns that we were already developing into an attention-span-challenged society, you will not be encouraged by the meteoric rise of these two most recent platforms both of which, by the way, only appear to be getting bigger. As of the writing of this blog post, Vine and Snapchat each have valuations in the BILLIONS (not a typo).

Wow, so they must be making a lot of money, right?

No, they are making exactly $0 (also not a typo).

Both Vine and Snapchat are completely “ad free”. Quotes are added to “ad free” because you can find plenty of brands on both platforms. On Vine, you will find companies like Target, The Gap, Volkswagon, and a small Connecticut-based firm called GE. And on Snapchat you will see an entirely new section called Discover, exclusively devoted to big brands.

Snapchat Discover section screen image

What the monetization models will be on each of these platforms is still to be decided, in the meantime, here are the questions you need to ask yourself from a marketing perspective:

  • Why should it only be these global (and very smart) brands that get to capitalize on these new extremely popular platforms?
  • Does my brand have a message that I need to start communicating through this latest and greatest evolution of the social media landscape?

Facebook has recently made it a lot harder for brands to get their messages into users’ feeds without actually paying for the message as a Facebook ad or promoted post. We can expect the same sorts of changes on Vine and Snapchat in the not too distant future.

Those brands that effectively take advantage of these early days enjoy the benefit of a free marketing platform while at the same time developing a foundation on those platforms that only helps when they do finally figure out how to monetize.

Bayshore Solutions’ digital marketing experts can help brands understand the social media marketing opportunities relevant to your business and navigate how to best use the newest social channels to reach your audiences. Contact us to learn more today.

Martin McCauley

Martin McCauley

is Director of Business Development at Bayshore Solutions Digital Agency. Passionate People - Creative Ideas - Inspired Results

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23 February

Practicing Achieves Highlight Reel Results

Agency Playbook & Practice Will Make the Difference for Your Business

By Stephen Massaro, Bayshore Solutions’ Project Management Team

Odell Beckham’s acrobatic catch in a football game against the Dallas Cowboys was an amazing feat! If you haven’t seen it enough, please click here or below to watch it one more time.

It was replayed ad nauseum for weeks following the game and was actually dubbed “The Catch That Broke The Internet” because it received so much web traffic for days following the game in November 2014, that the quantity of page view requests actually crashed servers.

Many fans are amazed because the assumption is that there is a one in a million chance that someone would be able to catch a football with one hand, mid-stride, while falling backward. However, the reality is that he and his collegiate teams at Louisiana State University were practicing one handed catches long before he made the highlight reel and became a household name. He practiced and was prepared for out of the ordinary situations so when the opportunity arose he was ready!

Now keep that mentality in mind and apply it to the business world. The web success that Bayshore Solutions clients’ achieve is a direct result of the documented web methodology that Bayshore Solutions practices. As a reminder of the commitment to this process, Bayshore Solutions actually has larger versions of this diagram framed and mounted in our conference rooms. This methodology is a strategic integration of web design, development and marketing which drives results from our client’s investments.

Staying on top of the latest marketing trends, a commitment to have a culture of constant learning, and maintaining digital and development certifications (Google Partners, NOP, Sitefinity, Kentico, etc) is all part of the practice that has created “highlight reel” worthy results for our clients. The cliché that says “Championships are won in the off-season” implies that the majority of the hard work that it takes to achieve great things is done behind the scenes, out of the view of the general public. To view some of the case studies that exemplify how Bayshore Solutions practice has paid off for its’ clients, click here.

The variety of awards and accolades for our digital marketing and custom development are no coincidence. Bayshore Solutions has practiced and trained and is prepared for both the routine catch as well as the extraordinary, “highlight” reel” opportunities to exceed expectations for our customers.

Contact Bayshore Solutions to learn more about how we can help deliver measurable and significant results for your business.

Stephen Massaro

Stephen Massaro

is a Project Manager at Bayshore Solutions digital agency. Passionate People - Creative Ideas - Inspired Results

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19 February

Bayshore Solutions Selected as a 2015 Blue Ribbon Business by U.S. Chamber of Commerce

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Digital Agency Celebrates Eighth Year of Winning Blue Ribbon Business Award


Bayshore Solutions named U.S. Chamber of Commerce2015 Blue Ribbon Small Business

TAMPA, FL and DENVER, CO, February 2015 –The U.S. Chamber of Commerce announced Digital Agency, Bayshore Solutions, as a winner in the 2015 Blue Ribbon Small Business Awards®. Bayshore Solutions, with offices in Tampa Florida and Denver Colorado, is one of four Blue Ribbon winners in Florida and three Blue Ribbon awardees in Colorado. Since 2008, the digital agency earned this honor, marking eight consecutive years the company has been selected to this elite group of American businesses.


The award program recognizes companies for their innovation, success and their contributions to economic growth. Bayshore Solutions was selected from a record number of applicants across the nation for demonstrating exceptional business practices in areas including strategic planning, employee development, community involvement, and customer service.


“While our economy still struggles to reach its full potential, businesses like our Blue Ribbon Award winners have continued to act as examples of the resilience, ingenuity, and opportunity at work in the free enterprise system,” U.S. Chamber President and CEO Thomas J. Donohue said. “Times can be tough, but these businesses have proven that they can be too. And by taking risks, watching out for their employees, and giving back to their communities, they’ve shown that success is achievable.”


“We are honored to be named as a Blue Ribbon Businesses by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce for an eighth consecutive year,” said Kevin Hourigan, Bayshore Solutions’ President and CEO. “Bayshore Solutions is focused on fostering a culture of learning and innovation, being a good corporate citizen and providing measurable growth results for our customers, which in turn fuels our economy’s growth engine. Earning this Blue Ribbon Business designation reinforces that we are delivering on our intentions.”


The U.S. Chamber of Commerce is the world’s largest business federation representing the interests of more than 3 million businesses of all sizes, sectors, and regions, as well as state and local chambers and industry associations.



Learn more about Bayshore Solutions’ award winning work here.


Bayshore Solutions

Bayshore Solutions

Passionate People, Creative Ideas & Inspired Results! We Integrate Technology & Marketing Expertise to Deliver Measurable Results for Our Customers.

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16 February

Why Businesses Need To Be On Twitter

By Milynn Luong, Bayshore Solutions’ Digital Marketing Team

Whether you are a small business or a large multinational business, do you need to be on twitter? With over 288 million active users, it’s definitely worth looking into.

Twitter users are using the platform for more than just venting and sharing personal thoughts. They are hungry for information, new ideas, connecting with people and discovering new products and services.

Why Businesses need to be on Twitter

In fact, Twitter yields as much as 2.1 billion search queries every day. If your business is not a part of this network, it leaves you out of the opportunity for the exchange with millions of active users who could be looking for your business.

So Why Should Businesses Be On Twitter?

  • Connecting with Your Audience

It’s about building a relationship with your customers and community. Twitter offers users a direct line to your business to engage, ask questions and share their experiences with your company. Leverage those interactions to increase brand loyalty. Reciprocate and share content that is relevant to them, insights into your business and exclusive behind the scenes information or offers.

  • Branding

Twitter is an extension of your marketing and branding efforts. By being on Twitter, you have the opportunity to build a voice and develop the kind of presence that attracts potential customers (and keep current ones engaged).

  • Gaining Customer Feedback

People are most likely talking about your brand on Twitter. This is a great opportunity to use Twitter to see what they are saying and how they feel about your business. Reviewing customer engagement, you may find opportunities for customer service and improving your product and services.

  • Generating Leads

Twitter opens doors for businesses to reach new customers who may not have known about your brand previously. You can do so by directing them to your website or even capturing email addresses from campaigns using Twitter Ads.

  • Staying on Top of Your Industry

Twitter gives businesses the ability to keep an eye on what’s going on in the industry by tracking hashtags, using Twitter Search and reading what your followers have to say. Use the platform to monitor hot topics, news, trends and what your competitors are doing.

There are plenty of ways Twitter can be used at your company beyond these 5 reasons. But at its foundation, it’s truly about building an audience that engages with your brand, information sharing and reaching new potential customers.

Bayshore Solutions can help you identify ways you can integrate Twitter into your digital marketing efforts. Contact Bayshore Solutions for more information on how we can help you with your social media strategy.

Milynn Luong

Milynn Luong

is a Digital Marketer at Bayshore Solutions Digital Agency. Passionate People - Creative Ideas - Inspired Results

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10 February

Bayshore Solutions Drives Results to Exceed Sales Target by 22% for Reeves Import Motorcars

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New Website is Sitefinity Website of the Year Finalist & Digital Marketing Assists in Surpassing Sales Goals


Reeves Import Motorcars Website Results Site Image

TAMPA, FL and DENVER, CO, February 2015 –Digital Agency, Bayshore Solutions, announces the 2014 results of the re-engineered Reeves Import Motorcars website.


Design aesthetics were slightly fine-tuned, while the bulk of the website upgrade was major platform migration leveraging Telerik’s Sitefinity content management system (CMS). 2014 results include a exceeding Reeves’ ambitious car sales goal by 22%, and firmly establishing the automotive dealer as the market leader in for their brands.


The Reeves Import Motorcars site earned industry recognition by being selected as an international finalist in the Sitefinity Automotive 2014 Website of the Year.


Reeves Import Motorcars, a family owned and operated dealership since 1971 serves the Greater Tampa Bay, Florida region. Reeves is “Driven by a Higher Standard” with a commitment to perfection and offering the highest levels of guest services in the luxury automotive industry. Reeves family of brands include Audi, BMW, LandRover, Maserati, Porsche, Subaru and Volkswagen automobiles.


Reeves leveraged the longstanding partnership with digital agency, Bayshore Solutions, for a much needed re-engineering of the website, www.DriveReeves.com. Bayshore Solutions migrated the website to Telerik Sitefinity content management system (CMS) to provide improved functionality, responsive access to visitors from all device types, and enable significant increases in site traffic and site speed. Features including customized eCommerce and inventory presentation, improved filtering, Brand data-feed integration and direct CRM connectivity alleviate web-related administrative delay to accelerate sales and customer service productivity.


Ongoing digital marketing strategies are now able to take best advantage of robust website features, as well as tracking and measurement capabilities to direct digital campaigns and strategies to achieving desired results. Website traffic increased 283% and mobile visits increased 2,104%. Web performance in 2014 exceeded Reeve’s higher standard for car sales results by 22%.


Telerik Sitefinity has selected the Reeves Import Motorcars website among only three websites worldwide as a Finalist for the 2014 Sitefinity Automotive Website of the Year. Public voting in this program is open through February 20, 2015.


“Bayshore Solutions is proud to be the strategic digital partner for Reeves Import Motorcars for over 8 years by continually earning their business,” said Kevin Hourigan, Bayshore Solutions’ President and CEO. “Our team consistently applies technology and marketing expertise customized for Reeves that drives significant, measurable results. To deliver exceptional sales and efficiency results as achieved in 2014, as well as being selected a Finalist for Sitefinity’s top honor is not just a great feeling, but a confirmation of our team’s capability and web methodology.”



Learn more about Bayshore Solutions’ award winning websites.



Bayshore Solutions

Bayshore Solutions

Passionate People, Creative Ideas & Inspired Results! We Integrate Technology & Marketing Expertise to Deliver Measurable Results for Our Customers.

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