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19% Growth in Leads, 24% Decreased Cost Per Lead
Y/Y Paid Search Results: 44% Growth in Conversion Rate, 42% Decrease in CPA Cost

RHendrickCorvette-cstoryRick Hendrick is the largest growing Chevrolet dealership in the southeast region. Serving Atlanta and Northern Georgia from locations in Deluth and Buford Georgia, Rick Hendrick has the largest allotment of Corvettes in the Southeastern Unites States.

Rick Hendrick Corvette partnered with Bayshore Solutions to create a virtual Corvette dealership. Inventory from both physical dealer locations needed to be readily presented in one online site, while staying within the parameters of industry dealership website platform. The ultimate goal is to drive leads and sales of Corvettes through website while creating a corvette fan following to support sales volume levels to keep Rick Hendrick a top–allotted Corvette dealer in the nation.

Bayshore Solutions built the Corvette Brand website on the DealerSkins platform that integrates Corvette inventory data feeds from both locations. The virtual dealership allows visitors to search and sort inventory buy a variety of attributes, schedule service, order parts, process financing, peruse information and imagery on the Corvette Stingray model, and take the next steps to Corvette ownership.

To augment and overcome some of the DealerSkins limitations in creating an outstanding web presence, Bayshore Solutions created and implemented innovative strategies in digital and social media marketing to create and grow an avid social community and lead-generating brand following.

Successful PPC and paid search strategies were deployed in mainstream channels such as Google, and extended with innovative strategies in social advertising that effectively targeted Rick Hendrick’s buyer personas and very efficiently converted them into leads and sales. Campaigns leveraged data-driven targeting sourced from POLK Data (car registration and title information databases), look-alike Audiences, Custom Audiences and deployed themes including:

  • The Corvette Stingray and the new body model Stingray Z06,
  • Corvette Owners “Upgrades”, and
  • Conquest campaigns to owners of other sports cars

To increase brand awareness and position competitive advantage, Bayshore Solutions created a virtual community through social media. A corporate blog, Twitter and Facebook social profiles were developed and connected to the website.

Enticing imagery and engaging inquiries in these social forums attracts fans, creates excitement and conversation about Corvettes, Rick Hendrick dealerships and funnels fans into customers. The blog presents evocative Corvette stories promoting specific models’ brand, memorabilia and current and upcoming developments, showcasing brand and fan excitement through interactive dialogue.


Year over Year Website results included:

  • 16% Increase in Web Visits
  • 15% Growth of Engagement on site
  • 19% Growth in Leads
  • 24% Decrease in Cost per Lead

Paid Search Results:

  • Y/Y Campaign results:
    • 44% Growth in Conversion Rate
    • 42% decrease in CPA Cost
  • 25% of lead volume driven by Google Paid Search
  • 24% of lead volume driven by Social Advertising – at 44% less cost per acquisition than Google

Social Gains:
The engagement and the Hendrick Corvette community of fans is a testimony of how a brand can successfully interact with their audience on social media.

  • 31% increase in followers with
  • 6,655 Monthly average interactions driving website engagement of over 2.5 pages per visit


  • 27% increase in followers with
  • Over 300 average interactions per month driving website engagement of over 2.5 pages per visit

Award Recognition

Hermes Award Winning websites by Bayshore SolutionsRick Hendrick Corvette’s “The ‘Vette Force Awakens” social media campaign won Hermes Creative Award Honors for social media marketing and branding

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