Proud to Be a Dell Partner

Delivering World-Class Digital Services with World-Class Servers and Equipment

Our Dell Partnership Ensures That “Business-As-Usual” Means Dependable, Trusted, and Up To Date.

Bayshore Solutions has invested in a partnership with Dell, an industry leader, for our servers and computing equipment.  Dell sets the industry standard in workstations and network servers that emphasize scalability and reliability.  Because the website and digital marketing initiatives we create for our clients happen at the speed of the Internet, we need to be sure that the tools and equipment we use to deliver those services are current, capable, and scalable with their web asset and campaign needs.

Dell equipment affords our experts this confidence and provides you the peace of mind that your websites and services are delivered as efficiently and reliable as possible.

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Bayshore Solutions is a registered Dell Partner

The Dell Partnership Advantage

Dell’s track record has earned it a reputation of one of the most known and reliable computer equipment manufacturers in the world.

Our Dell partnership includes comprehensive training for our staff and priority access to resources and support that assures immediate access to Dell engineers and service resolutions within 4 hours.

In partnership with Dell, Bayshore Solutions’ customers will always have adequate server capacity to handle their online needs.

Customer Comments

  • “Our experience with Bayshore Solutions can best be described as a partnership.  They conducted themselves like an extension of our own company.”
    Cindy Sineriz
    Operations Manager, Lykes Insurance