Microsoft Partnership Advantage

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Bayshore Solutions and Microsoft: Our Strong, Long-Standing Partnership Means Reliable Support for Growing Your Business

Since our beginnings in 1996, Bayshore Solutions has partnered with Microsoft as our operating system of choice and as the mainstay of our servers and software; powering our deep expertise in the dot-net programming environment.

Bayshore Solutions’ expertise even earned us recognition as a Microsoft Global Partner of the Year in Customer Excellence for providing a Microsoft solution that effectively saved our customer over $200,000 per year.

Put the world-class capabilities of Bayshore Solutions and Microsoft to work for you

Bayshore Solutions  and Microsoft

Microsoft is the Global leader in enterprise-class software and operating systems.  This means both Bayshore Solutions and our customers can confidently entrust their business websites and operating software to the most standardized, scalable and well-supported technology in the world.

Customer Success

  • “By implementing Microsoft’s Best Practices, Bayshore Solutions has been able to reduce downtime by 95%, increase customer responsiveness, augment HR-ease’s revenues by 250%, and secure a dependable system to manage the company’s applications.”
    Microsoft Case Study
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