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Bayshore Solutions agency relationship with Sprout Social provides our customers with the benefits of this industry-leading set of social media management tools and analytics without the burden of premium direct cost.

Sprout Social is a robust social media management platform that empowers the organization, deployment and engagement of your company’s social footprint and targeted thought leadership positioning.

Get Superior Social Media Strategy and Technology

Get Bayshore Solutions Expertise and Sprout Social Efficiency

Bayshore Solutions partners with Sprout Social for powerful Social Media Marketing

With Bayshore Solutions and Sprout Social, your social media marketing enjoys:

Brand keywords discovery, monitoring activity tracking and opportunity identification across networks.

Complete conversation histories for timely and relevant responses and engagement.

Proprietary tools to analyze your followers’ engagement patterns to determine the best time to deliver content.

Content calendars to facilitate planned and team managed for targeted social publishing across networks.

Functionality to find and join conversations, and efficiently manage workflow.

Advanced Reporting for profile and post-level insights, as well as trends across messages and team responsiveness to better understand brand performance and inform smart business decisions.

Bayshore Solutions brings 20 years of digital expertise to social media marketing strategies. Applying this through the Sprout Social platform delivers the most powerful and cost-effective social marketing initiatives to drive successful and measureable results to your business.

Customer Success

  • 200% Growth in Monthly Leads
    80% Less Cost per Acquisition
    BioSpine Institute
    World-class surgeons utilizing today’s most advanced, minimally-invasive spinal surgery technology