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With Bayshore Solutions and The Trade Desk

To extract the most value out of every single impression, you need massive amounts of data.  The Trade Desk platform brings the advantages of this data to Bayshore Solutions customers’ advertising initiatives that would otherwise require prohibitive minimum media buys.

The Trade Desk, a Forbes Magazine’s Top 100 Company, offers Bayshore Solutions’ customers best-in-class technology to manage display, social, and video advertising campaigns.  The Trade Desk technology allows marketers to properly attribute what efforts actually drive results and ROI.  By attributing what drives results, marketers know where to spend their online dollars most effectively.

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The Trade Desk tools create real price discovery – the ability for a media buyer to have enough information to value each impression. This enables visibility through the entire sales funnel and effective management of all online channels – display, search, video, social and email.

In addition, the integration of comScore validated Campaign Essentials™ (vCE®) metrics into The Trade Desk  allows Bayshore Solutions to measure key performance indicators (such as in-target delivery, reach/frequency, GRPs, ad viewability, invalid traffic (IVT) and geographic delivery) of your online campaigns. This instant insight allows real time optimization of branding and direct response advertising strategies and decisions.

Bayshre Solutions brings 20 years of expertise and insight to our customers’ digital marketing initiatives. Our methodology, toolsets such as The Trade Desk, and our commitment to your win help achieve consistent online success.

Customer Success

  • 44% Growth in Conversion Rate
    42% decrease in Cost per Acquisition
    Rick Hendrick Corvette
    Largest Corvette Dealer in the Southeastern Unites States