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About Bayshore

A digital agency with expertise in creating websites and marketing campaigns that drive results.

We believe the right products, technology, and team can accelerate a company’s growth. We believe in delivering integrated solutions that drive results and remove friction.



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Our Story

Over 23 years in the game, we’ve learned a lot.

If you’ve ever met our President, Kevin Hourigan, you’ve probably heard his survival stories of the bursting dot-com bubble of 2000 or that time a drill bit came through the floor of his Gandy Boulevard office space. Long story short, Bayshore Solutions has seen it all—and we like to think we’re better now because of it.

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Team Members

Our mission

To create innovative digital experiences and strategies that build trust, inspire action and connect the right audiences with our clients.

Our vision

To continue to be a top digital agency evolving as needed for continued client growth.

Our values

We’ve built a culture of teamwork, commitment to win, quality, integrity and innovation.

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Our Team

Our full digital team

Introducing the writers, designers, developers, marketers and strategic thinkers of Bayshore.

  • Aaron Criswell Senior Designer
  • Alexander Guedes Developer
  • Alexis Marotta Email & Marketing Automation Strategist
  • Alia Miller Social Media Specialist
  • Amber Heindl Email & Marketing Automation Specialist
  • Andrew Simpson Project Coordinator
  • Anthony Viviani Digital Media Strategist
  • Barry Bullard Director, Client Solutions
  • Chad Clarke Senior Systems Engineer
  • Christina Fournier Digital Marketing Manager
  • Davey Montooth Senior Developer
  • Derek Larabee Digital Marketing Manager
  • DJ Henley Project Manager
  • Headshot of Vice President Eric Cadman Vice President
  • Ethan Lazuk SEO Specialist
  • Fred Wootten Senior Developer
  • Iris Carde Web Support Specialist
  • Izzy Hendricks Digital Marketing Manager
  • Jamey Neely Senior Designer
  • Jason Dorsett Director of IT
  • Jeff Harris Senior Front End Developer
  • Joe Unhammer SEO Specialist
  • Justin Tarr Accounting and Audit Manager
  • Katrina Hughes Director, Client Solutions
  • Headshot of President & CEO Kevin Hourigan President & CEO
  • Kristin Simpson Senior Project Manager
  • Kristina Meek Senior Content Writer
  • Kyra King Project Manager
  • Larissa Pacella Front End Developer
  • Lauren Ferrell Project Manager
  • Lauren Pellegrino Senior Account Manager
  • Headshot of Vice President Liz Turner Vice President
  • Maggie Moss Senior Project Manager
  • Meghan McAtasney Content Manager
  • Meghann Anderson-Russell Senior Digital Media Strategist
  • Melissa Medina Social Media Strategist
  • Michael Husson Front End Developer
  • Headshot of Chief Financial Officer Michael Sapp Chief Financial Officer
  • Natalie Carter Senior Digital Media Strategist
  • Nathan Townsend Senior Developer
  • Patrick Obando Senior Account Manager
  • Rich Read Director of Development
  • RJ Hatch Senior Developer
  • Ryan Walbridge Director of Digital Marketing
  • Scott Goldberg Digital Media Strategist
  • Scott Howell Senior Developer
  • Scott McAtasney Senior Front End Developer
  • Shannon Murphy Social Media Community Manager
  • Stephen Massaro Senior Project Manager, Post Go Live Support
  • Tammie Bucknell Director, Talent Acquisition
  • Tara Karst Digital Solutions Specialist and Office Manager
  • Tyler Heinrich Developer
  • Wesley Seay Senior Front End Developer


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