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Being Social Can Create New Worlds

Communication.  Civilizations have been created based on an abundance of communication and have been destroyed by the lack of it.  Over the last decade, the pace of communication has increased and the number of social channels where users can receive information has grown exponentially.  In the current economy, marketing has become an effort to get the attention of the audience within the right context.  At Bayshore Solutions we understand this and our Denver team will work with you to create and implement content marketing and social media strategies.

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Creating Social and Content Marketing Profiles with Context

Our methodology starts with our Denver team defining the audience for your content marketing and social media campaigns.  Who is the audience, what do they care about, how are we going to grab their attention, and on what channels will they consume the information? With Denver-based talent, audience profiles are correctly defined in order to create content that is fitting for your purpose.  If the audience will be using Facebook, on a mobile device, while browsing before bed – we may create powerful imagery with interesting bylines.  If the information will be consumed by Operations Officers, on Linkedin, while at work – our strategy may focus creating “Top-Ten” lists or detailed whitepapers to draw attention.

As our Denver content and social media marketing team continues to define the audience, we start to create integrated social media strategies.  Leveraging paid media, social media, and content marketing, we look to capture the attention of your audience.  We target multiple customer touchpoints to reinforce the message and gain customer commitment.  Then we continue by creating calls to action that ensure we capture customer information, turning a casual click to a viable lead.

If you are in need of content marketing and social media help, let our Denver team of experts help guide the way.  Contact us now to schedule a complementary exploratory discussion to see how we can create cost effective leads that quickly convert to sales.

Customer Success

  • 92% Growth in Video Ad View Rate
    447 Engagement Actions in 3 Days
    75 Conversions in 3 Days
    Arta Tequila
    3rd Generation Master Distiller of 100% Agave, Premium Artisan Tequila