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Let’s face it, online display advertising is a rapidly-evolving channel in today’s media. Targeting your exact audience directly within their trusted sources for online information has never been easier. Your segmented audience is targeted throughout the day as they go about their normal, web-browsing routines. Desktops, tablets, and mobile devices are all serving up your prospective customer relevant visual content promoting your website – all based on their preferences.

Advanced real-time segmentation and personalization now allows for the direct, engaging visual content to be placed in front of your most highly sought after prospective customers. At Bayshore Solutions, we help you identify the best ad placements, the proper budget to hit your goals, the most effective messaging, and more – all based on your specific business needs. And we go beyond the initial click. We can work with you to deliver campaign traffic to the optimized landing pages driven by the most successful conversion rates. At Bayshore Solutions, our expert team works with you to construct highly-effective display ad management strategies, attract your ideal customers at just the right moment in their buyer’s journey, drive optimized landing page experiences that lead to quality conversions, and maximize your campaign’s Return On Investment.

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Our Miami Office is Helping Lead the Display Advertising Revolution

The current display advertising landscape looks nothing like the early pioneer days. Largely inspired by their print-based origins, early display advertising campaigns were low-resolution, single-panel ads. Appearing on websites in a handful of standard size formats, they were unimpressive, static images that ran at the top and side of a webpage. Not surprisingly, they were prone to “banner blindness” often being overlooked by their audience, resulting in a disappointing experience for both the consumer and marketer. These largely unwanted, irrelevant, and invasive attempts at online advertising were often riddled with poor conversion rates.

That was then, this is now… The evolution of online display ad campaigns has brought with it highly-advanced targeting, segmentation, personalization, and engagement; resulting in much greater efficiency and effectiveness than ever before. Ad exchanges and real-time bidding now allow advertisers to bid on precisely what they deem to be the most relevant ad placements driven by their ideal audience targeting criteria. Revolutionary new opportunities like native advertising, social media, and highly-evolved remarketing tactics are all helping drive more effective, engaging ad campaigns – and at a fraction of the cost.

At Bayshore Solutions, we’re on the front-line of this online display advertising revolution. Our award-winning digital agency provides the strategy, tactics, and reporting necessary to drive the success you are looking for in your online media campaigns.

Customer Comments

  • 56%  Growth in Net Sales Year 1
    176% Growth in Net Sales Year 2

    “We ultimately achieved far more than we had hoped for when we joined up with Bayshore Solutions.”

    Mark Sidle
    CEO, Swim ‘N Sport