For a Brand monitoring dashboard, try Google’ web search portal experience, “What do you Love” at

Besides being just fun, It also presents a unique opportunity for use as a Brand Monitoring dashboard.


The familiar Google-esque clean look of the website displays a simple search, but the results are quite different than what we’ve grown accustomed to seeing on our results pages.
WDYL serves a results page that contains streams of content on your search term. Results are gathered in boxes that, in most cases, can be expanded to further explore results. The streams of content are served from Google’s various search engines including Maps, Images, Translate, Youtube, Groups, Trends…..


What Do You Love instantly creates a mini-portal about your search query, which is optimal for users who want to have access to Google’s many services brought together on one page. WDYL shows how different Google products share different things about any particular search query.


You can easily sign up for alerts on your beloved search term, plan events related to it, send emails about it, share and debate calls on it, see how popular it is on a graph, translate it into 57 different languages and even “scour the earth” for it.


Go ahead, have some fun and give it a try. We searched chocolate.   After all, most of us love chocolate. (And the thought of scouring the earth for chocolate is quite appealing.)  Here’s a quick look at the results:

Google Love Chocolate

What Do You Love is very attractive and easy to love, as Google intended it to be. The real marketing genius here is that it is also a great tool to monitor your brand, broaden your SEO efforts, and reach across all of the dominant search engine’s platforms. It’s a good clear vision of your online presence.


Use it to search your brand terms and spread some affection and excitement around about them!


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