Paid Search Pitfalls

Paid search for many companies is an excellent avenue for creating on-demand business.  However, any paid search campaign runs the risk of engaging in practices that can lead to less than desirable results.

Here are a few to avoid:


The desire to be number one even if it does not make monetary sense. Being number one does not necessarily mean that you will receive the lion’s share of business. Different ad positions should be tested for all keywords. Some will produce as well in positions 2-4 allowing you to optimize your budget.

Expecting the Campaign to Manage Itself

It will manage itself, and then it will manage you out of money very quickly.  If you do not have the time to dedicate to monitoring paid search on a consistent basis then it is highly recommended that professionals be consulted.

 Letting Your Ads Go Stale

Change them up!  Fresh copy on fresh eyes could equal a fresh new lead/sale.

Going Too Broad

If you target your traditional marketing to specific markets then the same tactics can be used with your paid search campaigns.   Paid search is also a great way to dovetail and capture markets not touched by traditional means.  Grandiose and loosely targeted PPC campaigns are rarely successful.   Most of the major search engines offer the ability to geo-target, day part and budget daily – don’t ignore these options, they are essential in fully optimizing your campaigns.

Forgetting Quality

Your keywords/phrases, ads and landing pages should all be of quality.  Just because it is quick and easy to get the campaign started does not mean quality should be forgotten.

No Analytics

A paid search report is as helpful as the information queried.  If you do not have a robust analytic system then qualifying the success of your paid search campaign is going to be very difficult.

Make sure you have these covered and you’ll have the basics of successful paid search in hand.

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