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  • Targeted to interested prospective customers – Ads are shown to people who have visited your site.
  • Get the Big Brand Look – Ad Frequency and select exposures to your audience creates impression on par with national brands online.
  • Extremely Cost-Effective – Impressions are free, influenced purchases are tracked, yet you only pay for click-thrus on your ads.

How Effective Is Remarketing?

Our recent case study with client, Peltz’ Shoes, showed that of one month’s total online purchases in the remarketing program, 15% clicked through the ads to buy, while 85% had been exposed to remarketing ads – and came back to make a purchase. Peltz only paid out-of-pocket for the 15% that incurred ad click-cost!

“Using remarketing, I show up to my online target customers just like the national big brands.  The results are impressive.  Not only did my search traffic increase 82%, but 85% of my customers that month had been ‘influenced back’ to my online store – and made a purchase at click-cost of zero.  Now that’s exciting ROI.”

— Gary Peltz, Co-Owner, Peltz Shoes

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