Hot Investment Tips for Your Website, Email and Social Media Marketing

Marketing Sherpa’s recent SHerpaChart-2013MktgBudgets-TacticsEmail Marketing Benchmark reports that the top 3 areas businesses are boosting marketing budgets are the website, email and social media – with over 60% of organizations planning increased budgets in each.


This means that the competition is heating up in these tactical areas, and your business needs to be ready to compete and win.  Here are some tips on making the right investments in these priority marketing channels to maximize efficiency, effectiveness and results.

Tip 1: Invest in a strong core website that is fit to promote your business – today and into the future

Your web presence is often your first impression to your prospective customers, and when done shabbily, it’s your last. To create your Business’s best first impression you need to:


  • Present an online experience (words, images, layout, feel, flow, etc…) that resonates with your audience, and motivates them to take the next step to becoming your customer. This means covering who and where they are, and what devices they are interacting with your website from.
  • Make sure that the user interface and functionality to connect your visitors with the information they seek is fast, easy and seamless.
  • Ensure that you can easily change and update your website to keep pace with your ongoing digital marketing.
  • Attach measurement and analytics capability to your entire site (and all of your marketing tactics).
  • Integrate as completely as possible with your customer, contacts and marketing database.

In addition to a website’s current, compelling design and excellent, thorough development, the business tools that support a superior website include:


  • Web analytics,
  • a content management system (CMS),
  • a customer relations management (CRM) system,
  • and completing the essential step of integrating these together with your website.

As the website is the core of a business’s digital marketing, it is not surprising that 69% of businesses are projecting increased investment in this area.  How does your core website stack up?

Tip 2: Invest in your ability to focus and scale your email marketing

Individualization and volume are two highly relevant but seemingly opposite communications requirements in email marketing.  Here’s how you can achieve both:


  • Integrate an email marketing automation (MA) package to your CRM and your website
  • Implement relevant and pertinent email nurture campaigns for appropriate website visitors. You can use  lead scoring, segmenting and workflow alerting functionality available in MA platforms to:
    • Present appropriate personalization and relevant messaging to each individual contact
    • Scale timely communications to the needs of your business
    • Deliver marketing intelligence to the right sales staff at the right times to facilitate better outreach and sales potential

Investing in the right email marketing and MA platform, integrating it with your website and CRM, then planning and building ongoing email campaigns, workflows and integration points with other marketing initiatives is a significant undertaking.  According to the Marketing Sherpa benchmark 64% of businesses are beefing up their resources to address email marketing.  Are you ready to compete?

Tip 3: Invest in your professional polish in social media marketing

Social media has evolved to be a major facet of prospect, customer and public relations.   Smart businesses have already learned that the right time, tools and people need to be managing this channel – and it is not free.  They also see the unique opportunity to immediately reach engaged customers and brand followers as well as the potential to extend the company’s message to the public in a highly accelerated way.  This message is critical, because it can be extremely positive or disastrously negative, and can be triggered in an instant at any time.  To implement a winning social media program, you need to:

  • Develop a clear strategy that defines the purpose and goals of communications and engagement in each social channel and the metrics each will be measured by.
  • Put the right, trusted people in charge of your business’s social media
  • Create communication campaigns that coordinate and complement each other, and utilize the strategic strengths of each social channel.
  • Use tools to assist in the management, monitoring and measurement of social media to identify challenges and opportunities so you can act on them in time.
  • Connect your social profiles to your website.  Consider more than just follow links, such as integrated feeds or social media portals


Marketing Sherpa cites that 63% of businesses understand that social media needs professional help – and are budgeting to provide it.  Is your social media strategy up to speed?

To be most effective, marketing tactics need to be high-quality, connected, measurable, responsive to market changes and scalable. The professional resources and digital tools that Bayshore Solutions brings to the table enable our customers to be nimble and successful competitors through superior website, email, social media, and online marketing.

Contact us to learn more about how we can help you sharpen your Web edge and grow your business.


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