The Zero Moment of Truth Has Changed the Rules of Marketing.
Is Your Web Strategy Keeping Pace?

Google-ZMOT_RGBGoogle has facilitated the research and production of the e-book, Winning The Zero Moment of Truth, that we feel is important for every executive to read in today’s business climate.


Click here for the pdf of Google’s ZMOT e-book


The study documents and explains the current fundamental shift in buyer behavior that applies to all businesses (B2B, B2C, even not-for-profit).  This new “Zero Moment of Truth” (or ZMOT) illustrates why having a functional Web presence, regardless of how your audiences encounter you online, and how a competitive online strategy is critical to success.


In a nutshell:

  • Your customers’ buying decision journey has changed.
  • At the Zero Moment of Truth, people move from undecided to decided about buying from you.
  • You need to show up there – and present well to win.



Bayshore Solutions, a Google Partner agency, works with companies to ensure that their web presence – across all devices – is fit to meet the needs of today’s “Zero Moment of Truth” consumers –  and to deliver the right search, content and social marketing to win their business.

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