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Shopify e-commerce - Air Line By J Sink

About Air Line by J Sink

Air Line by J Sink manufacturers and sells a unique alternative to traditional scuba diving gear called the Air Line Hookah System. This alternative leaves a single tank or other air supply above water. It can be shared by multiple divers as opposed to the traditional scuba model, which puts one tank on the back of each diver. Air Line by J Sink sells direct to consumers through their website and distributes their products to a network of individual dive shops throughout the U.S. and Caribbean Islands.


Air Line by J Sink’s previous website was built in 2008 and was on an antiquated content management system (CMS), which was no longer being supported by their previous provider. Not only did the website need a new look and feel that would match the standards of today’s online shopping experience, but it needed to be fully mobile-responsive and be able to accommodate specific UPS connectivity needs.  After some extensive research was done on Air Line by J Sink, they chose Bayshore Solutions to be the partner that would help them with this much-needed upgrade.

Shopify e-commerce - Air Line By J SinkSolution

Bayshore Solutions took the time to truly understand Air Line by J Sink’s brand, business model and products to identify the best fit for their needs. Shopify was chosen as the CMS to accommodate the build on this project for several reasons.

  • Air Line by J Sink has shoppers from around the globe with varying forms of payment.  Therefore, the admin experience on this new CMS would need to allow for a “hold” on the credit card transaction for up to 24 hours before the authorization is given. This would allow Air Line by J Sink to confirm the legitimacy of the shopper and the payment method. This extra level of security, an available feature in Shopify, was needed to prevent fraudulent purchases.
  • Bayshore Solutions was able to leverage an existing Shopify application to fine tune the shipping rates coming back through the UPS API, keeping them within an acceptable margin (compared to the World Ship Unit in their warehouse).
  • Another handy Shopify application was used to easily manage the location information of dive shops in Air Line by J Sink dealer network, supporting sales initiatives.

The scope of the project included migrating both on- and off-page content to support existing search engine optimization (SEO) rankings and American Disablity Act (ADA) accessibility.  There were also digital marketing best practices applied to the go-live process, including sitemap submissions to search engines, 301 redirects, and many more.


Overall, comparing 90 days before live and 90 days following go live, Air Line by J Sink experienced the following results on desktop:

  • 12.92% increase in new users
  • 15.58% increase in user sessions
  • 9.46% increase in page/session
  • 5.46% decreased in bounce rate
  • 58% increase in purchase transactions

Specifically for mobile, they generated:

  • 16.63% increase in new users
  • 21.90% increase in user sessions
  • 26.10% increase in page/session

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