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250% Growth in Web Leads

Coast Dental and SmileCare is one of the largest dental providers in the U.S. with over 180 locations in California, Florida, Georgia, Nevada and Texas.

Coast Dental was suffering from significant losses in search engine rankings after the launch of a new website. They needed to combat this situation to stay competitive nationally and they needed to generate awareness and stimulate leads for specific services.

Coast Dental partnered with Bayshore Solutions for a digital marketing SEO strategy to regain their search visibility in their 180+ markets and online promotion of their targeted services.
Bayshore Solutions implemented a comprehensive Local SEO strategy to optimize the 180+ individual dentist office pages on Coast Dental’s website. Keyword research, unique content creation and on-page optimization were key elements of this effort.

In order to build better search rankings for specific services, location-specific page build was executed for each office location that offers Orthodontic services. Based on the success of this initiative, Bayshore Solutions continues this strategy adding additional 600+ pages to the site targeting additional services including: Emergency Dentistry, Pedodontist, Periodontist, Wisdom Teeth, Endodontist, and Oral Surgery.

Paid search Display advertising campaigns were created to generate awareness and interest in specific services. During the 6 month display campaign, more than 73 million impressions and 46 thousand clicks to the website were generated.


Year over year overall website performance showed:

  • 28% Growth in Total Website Visits
  • 45% Growth in Organic Search Website Visits
  • 250% Growth in Total Web Leads

Paid search results over 12 months yielded:

  • 674% Growth in Paid Search Sourced Leads
  • 87% Decrease in Cost per Lead
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