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www.CreativeSignDesigns.comCreative Sign Designs redesigned website by Bayshore Solutions

About Creative Sign Designs

Creative Sign Designs (CSD) is a nationally recognized manufacturer of custom interior and exterior signage.  From corporate headquarters and a 50,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Tampa, Florida, Creative Sign Designs executes large projects on a fast-track basis for nationwide customers.

Creative Sign Designs has partnered with Bayshore Solutions for three websites and digital marketing services over seven years.



Creative Sign Designs needed to refresh their ageing website and bring its technology up to date. The previous website was structured to include hundreds of pages of individual case studies and had grown difficult to navigate.  Restructured presentation, user experience, and content strategy were due in order to keep the firm’s “virtual showroom” competitive and engaging in the current market.

The new website needed:

  • Fresh design
  • Exceptional user experience – especially addressing mobile users
  • Effective and specific communication to the breadth of their customer base


Before any design or coding commenced, as a team, Bayshore Solutions and Creative Sign Designs identified and documented the buying journey of their primary audiences including: Architects, High-Level Decision Makers (Presidents, Project Managers, VP’s), and Direct Decision Makers (Design Manager, Dir. of Construction).

During this research it was determined that the specific roles of architects, general contractors, facilities managers and marketing personnel were most often responsible for replacing and acquiring signage for a business. Bayshore Solutions documented the strategy for website to address each of these specific audiences, the drivers that cause them to visit, and the impression or value visitors would need to experience in order to continue on their buying path with Creative Sign Designs as their preferred choice.  This collaboration to envision the strategic vision for the direction of the site was a key factor in the website redesign.

The goal for this new website was to update the design, declutter, and really focus on what the specific end user needs when looking to qualify a signage company.

Guided by this information, the team developed an action plan for the website that would validate Creative Sign Designs as a comprehensive signage solution, exemplify their range of capabilities, and ensure that the high-design and custom needs of each customer could be met.

Bayshore Solutions designed a fresh, image-oriented website, in a fully mobile-responsive format.  Additional functionality features a large home-page slider, mapping and extended project portfolio templates.

The revised content strategy required the consolidation of hundreds of case studies pages into a presentation of the select best and brightest design portfolios representing each of the eight established industry verticals Creative Sign Designs generally serves.

To complete Creative Sign Designs’ brand communication, the website includes clear descriptions of services, a sampling of past clients in each top market, detailed project overviews, downloadable employee profiles, links to social media pages, and SEO keyword optimization.

To ensure search-engine integrity from the volume of previously indexed pages, it was an essential element of the site launch to provide keyword-research backed copy development and optimization throughout the new website, and to address over 350 redirects for both page-linking and user experience continuity.



 20% of web visitors now have mobile experience who did not previously
Engagement Time on Site is Over 1 Minute

“The new image portrays more clearly Creative’s broad-based solutions and design capabilities as a leader in the signage industry,” said President & CEO of Creative Sign Designs, Jamie Harden. “The fact that this website is mobile-responsive is huge – this allows our web presence to translate across multiple devices.”

Click here to read the Creative Sign Designs website launch press release.

Award Recognition

2016 Gold MarComAward Winning Website design by Bayshore Solutions

Outstanding Manufacturer Website

W3 2016 Award Winning Website By Bayshore Solutions

Manufacturer Website Excellence

Hermes Award Winning websites by Bayshore Solutions

Business to Business Website Honors

AVA Digital Award Winning websites by Bayshore Solutions

Gold AVA Award for Manufacturer Websites




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