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About Red Door SpasRed-Door-Ad

Red Door Spas is a national retailer with locations nationwide and over 100 years of beauty experience.

To assure comprehensive and results-driven digital marketing campaign execution, Red Door Spas partnered with Bayshore Solutions. Three major holiday-focused promotional campaigns were planned and executed each year in addition to year-round digital consulting and SEO strategies. Campaigns were expanded annually based on performance gains.

Bayshore Solutions developed targeted Pay-Per-Click advertising campaigns using multiple search engine platforms and social media advertising channels that drove significant revenue growth for the client.

Bayhsore Solutions has a deep understanding of Red Door Spas’ corporate website and business model. As a relied-upon digital partner, Bayshore Solutions provided insights and strategic direction in addition to implementation of tactics.


Partnering with Bayshore Solutions for integrated and ongoing digital marketing yielded Red Door Spas results that generated awareness, increased traffic, conversions, and most importantly – Sales:

  • 30% Total Revenue Growth year over year from campaigns
  • Total Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) for specific campaigns grew from 5.3:1 to 7.7:1
  • Google PPC ROAS alone increased from 5.5: 1 to 14.4:1

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