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Eva-Dry desktopAbout Eva-Dry

Eva-Dry is based in Tampa, FL and specializes in the manufacture and sale of compact dehumidifying products. These products come in both re-useable and disposable formats and are a cost-efficient way to gather moisture from a room or living space. In the fight to reduce and protect against mold, moisture and mildew, these products can be used in a variety of spaces, including closets, bedrooms, kitchens and any space that gathers moisture.  Eva-Dry can be purchased in major retailers like Target and Home Depot, on the Eva-Dry website and third-party sellers such as Amazon.


Eva-Dry was missing the opportunity to be awarded additional shelf space in retail environments because retailers said the brand was outdated and was not appealing to their general consumers. Not only did Eva-Dry need a new look and feel to match consumer expectation, but they also needed to update their e-commerce website to coincide with the brand updates. Since the brand and website needed to be updated, this would have to trickle down into the product packaging to build continuity across the brand.


When Eva-Dry approached Bayshore Solutions about their challenge, Bayshore provided Eva-Dry with case studies of previous work which showcased a track record of success with branding initiatives that also translated to online e-commerce success.  Additionally, Bayshore Solutions showcased their experience with product packaging development, which meant they could accommodate all three of Eva-Dry’s update initiatives: Branding, website and packaging.

For the website, WordPress was chosen as the CMS for several reasons, including:Eva Dry home page

  • Faster go-to-market deployment of the new website.
  • Availability of e-commerce themes within the WordPress community, which helped leverage existing functionality and reduced hours/dollars associated with the build.
  • Flexibility to add plug-ins to site, as needed, included improved home page sliders, security features and image galleries.

Additional website strategies were implemented included migrating both on- and off-page content to support existing SEO rankings, sitemap submissions, 301 redirects and other tactics that would help in making the new website launch a success.

For the brand and packaging refresh, focus groups were surveyed which gave consumers the opportunity to respond and react to the previous website and product packaging.  Feedback and reactions were documented and presented back to Eva-Dry to emphasize the need for a cleaner, minimalist approach to packaging and design elements. In store and online research was also done to compare products and competitors within similar verticals, such as DIY home security and cleaning products.  Newer brands within these verticals were following a revised “2018 and beyond” look and feel that is less “As Seen On TV” and more inviting and relationship-driven, as if the product was always meant to be in your home/office.


Eva-Dry now is now a brand that resonates with the needs of modern consumers, packaging to match and a new website that is mobile-responsive and e-commerce ready.

Comparing the first five months since the new website launch to the five months previous (under the old website), Eva-Dry saw the following improvements:

  • 20.36% increase in new users
  • 21.94% increase in sessions
  • 55.37% increase in page views
  • 18.05% decrease in bounce rate

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