About Friendly Smiles Dental Care Partners


For 30 years, Friendly Smiles Dental Care has provided the best family and cosmetic dentistry solutions to patients at its three Tampa Bay area locations. Their “We Cater to Cowards” approach emphasizes gentle dentistry at the highest standards with patient education, prevention, comprehensive diagnosis and individualized treatment planning.


Friendly Smiles partnered with Bayshore Solutions to overhaul their corporate logo for current and digital applications, and to redesign their website to position a superior competitive presence in their market, enhance visitors’ experience online and provide easy access to relevant information, education and resources. The ultimate goal for the website is to drive leads and new customers to the practice.


Bayshore Solutions design a clean, inviting layout, with clear and convenient directional paths for visitors to quickly and easily connect them to the information they seek. The new website features an updated sections for “Friendly” introduction of the practice’s dentists, and dental services descriptions. Patient education resources offer answers to frequently asked questions and insurance/payment information for new and existing customers.

Strong calls to action guide visitors to their desired information and connection points. The new design showcases a “Smile Gallery” of featured work, as well as invites appointment requests through the web interface. The website improves patients’ and prospective patients’ online experience and presents a brand personality to position the practice at the forefront of dental services providers in the greater Tampa Bay area.

Award Recognition

2014-MarCom-GoldFriendly Smiles Dental Care Partners website wins a Gold 2014 MarCom Award for healthcare websites.


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