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Hillsborough County, Florida Tax Collector (HCTC), Doug Belden, was elected to office in 1998. His focus in public service is on “Customer” service and this theme has underscored his the expansion and improvement of the HCTC organization. These efforts have helped Mr. Belden win general acceptance as an innovative public official. The Tax collector’s several office locations throughout Hillsborough county serve over 50,000 businesses and 1.2 million residents.

The Hillsborough County Tax Collector partnered with Bayshore Solutions to build a streamlined website giving the public online access to a wide variety of services from acquiring licenses and registrations, records search and birth certificates, to of course, paying taxes. In addition to serving public inquirers the information they seek in an immediate and convenient manner, the goal of the website is to help customers “get out of line” by enabling as many transactions as possible to be executed in a reliable and secure manner online, versus requiring in-person visits to tax collector office locations.

HCTC partnered again with Bayshore Solutions in 2015 to develop and launch their specific mobile site as another innovative improvement aimed at enhancing their customer experience with mobile device specific information and needs fulfillment.

Bayshore Solutions created a website with a clean and convenient layout that greets visitors with refreshing functionality and messaging focused on “Customer service” that raises the bar in government public communications. Clear navigation paths direct visitors to their specific informational and transactional solutions, efficiently servicing a wide variety of inquiries and needs.

HCTC mSite

A messaging slideshow on the home page allows the HCTC to inform customers of more conveniences and programs HCTC can assist them with, and provides a high-importance Alert banner to allow quick dissemination of urgent public information. An open-ended site-search feature as well as an “I would like to…” selector of frequently needed services are immediately available to visitors, and connect them directly to the service pages they are seeking. Live feeds monitoring current wait times at all seven county office locations are integrated to the website’s home page.

To even further improve HCTC’s customer service experience, Bayshore Solutions built an optimized mobile site that allows customers to quickly locate pertinent information. An efficient, fast mobile experience now enables customers to avoid lines at the tax collector’s locations and conduct personal and business transactions from the convenience of their mobile devices. Additionally, customers can schedule driver license appointments, find the nearest location, and get estimated wait times while on their mobile device.

Award Recognition

Horizon-Logo-ColorThe Hillsborough County Tax Collector website won a 2015 Horizon Interactive Award for outstanding website design and user experience.



Read the HCTC mobile website launch press release here.

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