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IT Authorities

About IT Authorities

IT Authorities is based out of Tampa, FL and provides IT support with a foundation in Managed Services. Their services are built on the backbone of accountability, transparency, clarity, and above all else, business innovation. They don’t view Managed Services as just supporting hardware; they recognize that their customers’ businesses are unique; there are applications, software, and specialized methods that are critical to their business goals. IT Authorities’ Managed Services, Professional Services, SAP Functionality, Network and Cloud Services, and Enterprise Help Desk are all pieces of optimal functionality.


From an external perspective, IT Authorities had an antiquated website that was no longer a modern representation of their values and their evolving services.  The website they had did not position them to be a leader in their industry.  From an internal perspective, during this time, the company had acquired a new CEO who understood that a website redesign project was desperately needed to match the quality of the work being produced.


IT Authorities reached out to Bayshore Solutions knowing of them previously, including their longevity and positive reputation in the Tampa Bay area.  They knew Bayshore Solutions was the right choice for their website redesign project as their methodology and process aligns with the kind of work that needed to be done. After doing a through assessment of IT Authorities’ needs, Bayshore Solutions recommended the new website be built on WordPress because there were no highly customized integrations needed and for it’s ease of use for the client.  Along with the new website, Bayshore Solutions also recommended IT Authorities invest in a marketing automation platform, specifically HubSpot. This piece went hand-in-hand with the redesigned website.  IT Authorities adopted HubSpot and it is now their marketing automation platform that allows them to be more efficient with their marketing efforts.


The newly redesigned website now reflects IT Authorities perceived place in their industry as the top choice for IT support and Managed Services.  Having WordPress as their CMS platform, they are able to quickly and easily update all content on their website in-house. As for HubSpot, the level of customization and integration that was done between it and the website has allowed them to create custom lead generation campaigns, email campaigns, create dedicated landing pages and forms, keep track of lead sources, have a robust CRM, and so much more.


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