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44% Increase in Cars Sold Online and Website Leads Increased 1,298%

JD-Byrider-LogoJ.D. Byrider is the leading used car and finance company franchise, with more locations and a greater number of satisfied customers. For more than 22 years, J.D. Byrider uniquely offers quality cars and service to millions of car-buyers who need help getting financing.

J.D. Byrider was looking to increase their website leads and sales and decrease their cost per conversion from the website, utilizing an SEO campaign and Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising. Before partnering with Bayshore Solutions, they had insufficient online leads and sales and their cost per conversion (which is a lead from the website that converts to a car sold) was $1300.

Bayshore Solutions took an integrated approach to online marketing and coordinated an organic and paid search campaign for J.D. Byrider. Bayshore focused on increasing their overall web presence and positioning them as best-in-class used car dealership across the nation. Bayshore also concentrated on driving highly qualified traffic to the site, and capturing auto buyers that were in the decision making process


In ten months, Bayshore Solutions delivered:

  • 138% Increase in overall website traffic
  • 3,517% Growth in Google search engine traffic
  • 2,135% Increase in Yahoo search engine traffic
  • 1,847% Growth in Bing search engine traffic

Sales results included:

  • 1,298% Growth in Webs Leads
  • 44% Growth in Cars Sold from online sources

Within just two months:
PPC Cost Per Conversion was reduced by almost $1,000.

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