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About Main Street Sports

Richard Mayer, the owner and founder of Main Street Sports, is from Great Britain. When he came to the United States, he realized that in order to keep his green card he had to maintain a profitable business. He fell in love with Breckenridge and opened a ski rental and ski clothing shop on Main Street in downtown. He knows that his welfare is dependent on his customers, so he ensures that his company is very customer-focused. He and his employees take great pride in fitting their customers to their gear and ensuring that they have a top rate customer experience.

ChallengeMain Street Sports Shopify Website

Main Street Sports’ website was not mobile responsive and very outdated. They wanted a new, modern website with emphasis on being mobile-friendly. They also needed additional help in getting the word out about his two revenue sources: equipment rentals and ski clothing. In addition, the brand of ski clothing that Main Street Sports primarily sells began selling directly to customers, so they now had the challenge of competing with the manufacturer.


Main Street Sports chose Bayshore Solutions for their project because we were local, took the time to visit the shop to see the day-to-day operations and fully grasp the company’s values and mission. Shopify was used as the content management system (CMS) to produce an affordable website and still meet all of the requirements of the company. Shopify is easy to manipulate by the customer. For example, in mid-January of 2018 they were so successful in their rental side that they needed to  temporarily turn off that option entirely. This was easy to do with the Shopify platform. Basyshore Solutions also integrated key apps to help with the rental booking service and customized that page to allow a customer to make reservations for up to six people without having to start from the beginning of the process.

Design choices for the site were driven largely by the owner because of his passion for skiing. He wanted to incorporate many images of people actually skiing. It was important for him to stay true to his roots, which inspired his logo to contain both the United States and Great Britain flags.


41% increase in overall traffic to the website second year over first year

  • 8% increase in organic year over year
  • 1100% increase in social traffic
  • 50% increase in direct traffic
  • 2% increase in paid traffic
    • With this 2% we saw 141% increase in revenue

“We are killing it in the rental department!”

-Richard Mayer, Owner of Main Street Sports

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