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Responsive Design Promotes New Brand & New Method of Practice


National Healthcare Providers (NHCP), is a physician owned and operated healthcare consulting firm specializing in Radiology, Anesthesiology, Emergency and Hospital Medicine Solutions.

Founded as National Radiology Consultants, NHCP was created and is currently operated by Dr. James Okoh, MD.

As an Interventional Radiologist and Neuroradiologist, Dr. Okoh identified a gap in radiology services, with the attention to detail and quality needed within the industry through comprehensive and effective consulting solutions.

Dr. Okoh and his team recognized the need for that same quality among numerous medical lines. Dedicated to creating quality healthcare consulting and solutions, Dr. Okoh and his team expanded the business to what it is today, National Healthcare Providers, providing hospitals and patients with the care they deserve.

NHCP partnered with Bayshore Solutions, to deliver a new website to be a signature of their practice, position the firm as leading the industry with a “New Method of Practice,” and be both comprehensive and user friendly for medical professionals.

Bayshore Solutions designed a fully responsive website to ensure that medical professionals who are increasingly using mobile phones and tablets, can easily access and interact with NHCP from any device. The clean presentation and clear navigation allows users to navigate through hospital solutions for healthcare facilities, and serves as a recruiting tool for potential healthcare providers looking to join NHCP’s expanding model.

“The launch of the new website, is part of our organizations ongoing efforts to enhance the quality and availability of information to both hospital administrators and potential employees,” said CEO and Founder, Dr. James Okoh. “Providing quick and easy access to essential information for individuals and organizations that may benefit from NHCP services, has been among our highest priorities as we streamline our resources to better serve our partners.”

National Healthcare Providers continues its partnership with Bayshore Solutions for digital marketing services. Bayshore Solutions will promote the new website to medical professionals in a variety of digital channels and manage search engine optimization efforts.

Click here to read the National Healthcare Providers website launch press release.

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