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PewterReportThe Pewter Report is an online fan magazine focused on the NFL Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The title salutes the team nickname, “Pewter Pirates” after the Buccaneers changed their team logo and colors in 1997.

The Pewter report partnered with Bayshore Solutions to create a fan-zine that would effectively become a go-to content source for the targeted audience of NFL enthusiasts and specifically Fans of the Bucs. The site needed to be built in a way that it can be monetized through online ads, yet preserve the integrity of being a trusted and frequented information source for users.

Bayshore Solutions designed and developed a fully responsive website for the Pewter Report, creating an online mecca with professional styling to present a high-end experience and online destination for Buccaneer “crewes” The website serves as a central curation resource for blog posts, in depth articles, tweets, image galleries, social media connections and news items of interest to Bucs fans both at leisure and on the go.

Interactive surveys and frequent updates are made convenient and brand-consistent through the websites content management system. Advertisement placement is effectively engineered and styled within the Pewter Report’s brand parameters into the site design, to support the business model of the magazine.

Award Honors

MarCom-logoGold MarCom award for informational websites



2015-AVA-Gold-BadgeGold AVA Award for informative/magazine websites.

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