physician_leadership_institute website design by Bayshore SolutionsAbout Physician Leadership Institute (PLI)

Physician Leadership Institute (PLI) is a thought leadership organization for coaching, mentoring and bringing about positive change in the medical industry.  PLI ultimately seeks to transform healthcare by enhancing physician skills so they may lead a foundational shift of organizational culture, from a cost and goal-oriented service to one that encourages relationships, improves engagement, and reshapes the future of medicine.


Physician Leadership Institute partnered with Bayshore Solutions to reengineer their previous website that did not represent the brand as desired and needed improvement in the directed path and call to action.


Bayshore Solutions selected the WordPress CMS to build the website upon for its ease of administration and freedom from licensing requirements.  Fresh design elements and strategic functionality were created to support the brand and its mission.

An Asian-inspired layout and color palette promotes a simple, harmonious, and relaxed feel. The aesthetics encourage a mindset to step-back, reexamine, and realign the assumptions, structure, and processes of healthcare in pursuit of the industrial transformation championed by PLI.

Award Recognition

2016-Ava-Gold Award winning web design by Bayshore SolutionsPhysician Leadership Institute won a Gold AVA Digital Award for medical websites.



Horizon-Interactive Award winning website by Bayshore SolutionsPLI won a Bronze Horizon Interactive Award for training/e-learning websites.



Communicator Award of Distinction Winning website designs by Bayshore SolutionsPhysician Leadership Institute won a Communicator Award of Distinction for school/university websites.



PLI Summit International Award winning website designed by Bayshore SolutionsPhysician Leadership Institute  website design won a Bronze Summit Creative Award  for training websites.



Physician Leadership Institute Creativity International award winning websites designed by Bayshroe Solutions

The PLI  website design won a Bronze Creativity International Award for creative excellence in eLearning websites.


PLI Hermes Award Winning website by Bayshore SolutionsPhysician Leadership Institute  won Hermes Award honors for educational institution websites.





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