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PRI is a national and global leader in testing and evaluation for Paving, Roofing, and Industrial market sectors worldwide. Founded in 1990, PRI provides accredited, independent, third-party services to the asphalt and construction materials industries.


PRI Inc. needed to combine two companies – PRI Asphalt and PRI CMT – and their respective websites into a single, branded message. This required migrating content from two outdated and proprietary CMS’. PRI Inc needed their website to allow for custom search queries of all of their “Test Methods” and a separate search for all of their Validation Services. They came to Bayshore not knowing what they needed for a vision or technology stand-point.


Bayshore Solutions team walked the client through the full envision process to identify what was needed for functionality and design. Sitefinity CMS was chosen to accommodate the custom .NET solutions and the client needs.

The idea behind this solution is that in combining both sites into one identity will allow PRI Inc. to streamline communication to clients and employees.   Also, having all of the regularly requested client data in one place helps to consolidate sales inquiries and requests for “Test” information.


In the initial 90 days of being live, PRI’s new website produced the following stats:

  • 37% increase in sessions
  • 39% increase in users
  • 47% increase in page views
  • 8% increase in pages/session
  • 4.5% decrease in bounce rate
  • 8.5% increase in new sessions

After 90 days, PRI continued to see success in their reporting, including a:

  • 2% decrease in bounce rate
  • 6.67% increase in page views
  • 8.5% increase in pages/sessions
  • 31% increase in average session duration

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