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Web Brand Debut and Positioning for a Cultural Dining Icon

Ulele-longRestaurant(pronounced You-lay-lee, Ūlëlē) is an extension of the fifth-generation Gonzmart Family of Restaurants, best known for the seven locations of Columbia Restaurants throughout Florida. Featuring “Native inspired” foods and spirits using indigenous ingredients and flavors, Ūlëlē with its adjacent brewery has already won multiple culinary and brewery awards and is a popular destination for fine area dining.

Named after a Native American female figure of local historical folklore, the Ūlëlē restaurant is a cornerstone of an urban renewal project reviving the ruins of the early 20th century Tampa Water Works building that served as a main hub for pulling and distributing fresh water from the adjacent spring in the early years of the city.

The Gonzmart Family’s Columbia Restaurant Group partnered with Bayshore Solutions to build the flagship website to debut the restaurant, showcase its thematic history location and amenities, and position it as a fine dining destination of choice.

Bayshore Solutions built a fully responsive website to give visitors an appetizing introduction to the restaurant and brewery, as well as a portal to explore publicity and details on the location’s cultural/historical significance. The website features videos, an enticing gallery of images and easy navigation to menus, directions and a seamless integration to the online reservations.

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