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About United Launch Alliance

www.ulalaunch.comUnited Launch Alliance Sitefinity Website

ULA is harnessing the potential of space for humanity. They are dreamers inspired by possibilities not yet imagined, believers driven to broaden horizons, and doers combining technology, innovation, expertise, ingenuity and a commitment to the extraordinary. ULA is unmatched in reliability and experience, combining more than 100 years of launch history with the Atlas and Delta rocket families to achieve more than 120 consecutive launches since 2006. They are committed to providing unrivaled confidence through smarter and even more dependable, cost-effective launch services for their government and commercial customers.


ULA had a website that was very outdated and did not attract enough attention to build brand awareness. They wanted a website that was in line with the innovation and ingenuity associated with their rocket launches. They needed to stay ahead of the competition and their then-current site was not up to par to do so. ULA also wanted the ability to integrate live streaming of their launches on their new website to attract more viewers.


ULA engaged with the Bayshore Solutions Denver office for their website redesign.  The Bayshore team took the time to understand ULA’s needs and their thorough assessment led them to choose Sitefinity as the right solution for their web development needs. The major reason Sitefinity was selected was because of ULA’s need of having a secure website, as well as their need for a robust CMS that would allow them to easily manage the system in-house.  Sitefinity was a significant improvement over their old CMS and their Enterprise License provided the level of security and ease-of-use ULA needed to move forward. Custom pieces, such as a unique logo box that docks itself at preset areas and a custom countdown clock application, created a better user experience for those hitting the new website.  There was also an IBM application that was connected to the Sitefinity CMS to allow users to search for jobs on the ULA IBM portal right from the website.


Utilizing Sitefinity as the CMS and Bayshore Solutions as the implementer allowed for the development of a modern design that really showcased the stunning rocket imagery. The back-end of the CMS is much easier to use and manage compared to the tedious platform previously used. By creating a more appealing website, ULA is able to attract more viewers and build brand awareness. They now have the ability to get more news out to viewers more quickly. The site is also much cleaner and easier to navigate for users.

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