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Vanguard Dealer Services is a premier automotive consulting company providing dealership training and F& I products and services. The Automobile Protection Corporation has recognized Vanguard as the largest agency in the country for ten consecutive years as a result of their extensive automotive F&I knowledge and consistent excellence in dealership consulting services.


Vanguard Dealer Services partnered with Bayshore Solutions to redesign their website. They needed to to update their brand presentation online, provide a content management interface and improve search engine visibility


Bayshore Solutions designed the new Vanguard website to distinguish the dealer services firm at the forefront of their market. The new dealer services website is a responsive web design built with the variety of access needs of Vanguard’s audiences. The site is now equally convenient and navigable whether a user is at their office desk, using a tablet from the dealership floor or lot, or on the go accessing via their smartphone.

The improved site structure enables ease of navigation and the integrated content management system allows Vanguard’s website administrators to easily make updates and add new content to the website to stay on top of automotive financing and insurance trends and deliver this up to date expertise to their web audiences.

The new dealer services web design enables Vanguard to create specific landing pages to create corporate brand consistency over a variety of online campaigns. The website functionality also gives effective, granular analytics and tracking capability to facilitate better monitoring and decision information for ongoing marketing performance.

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