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Custom Developed Direct-to-Consumer Prescription Fulfillment Engine


WellDyne is an industry-leading provider of health and wellness solutions tailored for today’s health care providers, business leaders, organizations, pharmacies, and health-conscious consumers. WellDyne’s network of affiliates’ products and services range from pharmacy benefits management, prescription and healthcare services discount programs, pharmacy mail service solutions, pharmacy network management, consumer-based health and wellness products, to prescription dispensary kiosks.

WellDyne partnered with Bayshore Solutions for development of a fully custom .NET MVC / SQL Server based back-end application to enable pharmaceutical manufacturers to sell direct-to-consumer through WellDyne pharmacy fulfillment.

Bayshore Solutions worked with the WellDyne in-house development team to thoroughly understand and scope out the requirements, HIPPA and security compliances, and long-term vision for the application. Areas previously overlooked were highlighted and addressed by the development collaboration.

The project managed several customer teams (development, IT, business) to tight schedules and budgets and shared source code with WellDyne’s in-house development team. In conjunction with application delivery, Bayshore Solutions trained WellDyne’s in-house team on the application to deploy new micro sites and make updates as needed.

The application developed by Bayshore Solutions is an engine to build micro-sites that are brand and medication-specific, customizable, scalable and HIPPA compliant. Each microsite is able to intake customized data on each patient in a friendly and uniquely styled and branded user-experience, then provide multiple checks and validations to ensure correct prescription fulfillment protocol. The application is scalable to allow multiple manufacturers to establish customized microsites specific to individual pharmaceutical products quickly and accurately for direct-to-consumer prescription fulfillment.

The custom development heavy-lifting to create this application features:

  • Support for multiple micro-websites through the one code base
  • Modification of settings and end-customer experiences for each micro-site
  • Facilitation of unique design, imagery and styling in each micro-site

After the initial build, the programs were set up to deploy new websites in a matter of weeks, allowing WellDyne to quickly roll out new websites for their customers.

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