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By:  Bayshore Solutions Project Management Team

It’s anyone’s guess what the biggest trend will be for 2015 for web design. In reviewing what we saw in 2014, we anticipate the winner will be one that makes a large impact on user experience.

No matter which trend comes out on top, here is the latest “Web trends lineup” you should consider for your 2015 site build or redesign:


 Think BIG.

Big imagery has been making its way onto sites for the past several years. But expect to see larger, bolder and animated imagery in 2015. With more high quality free imagery available, why not capture your audience’s emotions with a powerful, large image.

Why Use a Traditional Font?

More and more we are seeing the use of unique and more visual fonts in design. Think beyond the old standbys and try incorporating better typography into your site.

Engage Your Reader in the Experience.

Capture your reader’s emotions by using long form articles and rich content paired with an eye catching video element. Using depth of field while capturing a still image can be very compelling. The Voices of Auschwitz article published by CNN shows a great example of this experience.

The Long Scroll.

With more and more users turning to their larger than life mobile devices for information, it is more common to have lots of content on one single page. Scrolling instead of linking is just easier for many mobile device users. Adding in engaging imagery or an animation will always make the scroll more visually appealing.

Who Needs a Main Menu?

Use a visual experience that will only display a menu for navigation when the user is ready to engage the site. Consider large messaging and imagery that can tell a story without utilizing the distracting menus typically found on most sites. Without a menu, incorporate visual elements or icons to be displayed for the user to click on similar to what you find on a mobile device.

The above are some of the areas we are seeing advance in website design and structure. Is your website updated to compete in today’s marketplace?

We can help you find ways to keep ahead from design to integrated and effective marketing of your website.  Contact us to learn more today.


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