Top New Features and Reasons to Upgrade nop Now!

by Rich Read, Bayshore Solutions Development Team

nop_3.7NopCommerce is a very popular ecommerce content management system (CMS) platform.  The latest update, version 3.70 represents the second of two version updates released this year.  NopCommerce’s forward-looking technology vision drives much of the new feature sets.  As a nopCommerce gold partner, Bayshore Solutions stays current with the product roadmap, and we have a first look at some notable user-facing features in version 3.70.

They also rely on feedback from the developer and customer community.  This release embraces Microsoft’s Azure cloud service with greater support for storing images and multi-website configurations to increase scalability for large volume store owners.  Security has been improved to handle some the newest website scripting vulnerabilities.  Here is a recap, with interface views, of three top user-facing features in this newest release:

Better Management for New Products

You can now manage how long your new products display on the New Products page.  By marking a product as “New”, and setting a start and end date, the system will automatically show/hide new products.  This is useful for new product launches.  It also insures that your New Products page is never left showing products that are no longer “new”.



Easier to Create Discounts

A store owner can now create a discount code that applies to a category and all of its sub-categories with a single checkbox.  In prior versions, the system required category discounts to be applied, one-by-one, to a category and sub-categories by editing each category and applying the discount.  This was very labor intensive for store owners with large numbers of categories.  The new discount option is a welcome addition to one of the most frequently used features on the NopCommerce backend.



Improved Vendor Support

Vendor account requests are now built into NopCommerce.  By enabling this feature in the Vendor Settings (shown below), an “Apply for vendor account” link is added to the footer of the website.  The store owner will receive an email notification when a new vendor request is submitted.  The request must be approved before the vendor account is activated.  The store owner can also now upload a logo for the vendor.





Want to Learn More?

One of the great things about an open source product is that all updates and enhancements are publically documented.  You can view the full list of items included in version 3.70 here.  Bayshore Solutions is proud to partner with the nopCommerce team to deliver custom e-commerce solutions with cutting edge technology.  We have certified nopCommerce professionals on staff to answer any questions and to help you start envisioning your new online store.

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