By: Bayshore Solutions Project Management Team

As Project Managers, our job is just as much about building partnerships as it is building websites. Beyond executing project tasks, we help foster an environment of open communication and innovation with the project team and our client. Below are 4 tactics we find important, inspired by the professional visionary, Simon Sinek, when building a deeper partnership with our clients.

1. Envision Together

“Listening is not understanding the words of the question asked, listening is understanding why the question was asked in the first place.” -Simon Sinek

One of the most undervalued aspects of a project is the very beginning. Everyone is so eager to see the finished result that some of the most important work up front can be easily overlooked, but can provide the most insight to the best solutions. Implementing an Envision phase is not only a way to manage quality, but also a great way to get everyone involved in the project aligned with goals, objectives and expectations. Hosting on-site strategy sessions is key to understand our client’s brand and vision. Instead of restricting them to a few lines on a questionnaire during onboarding, opening up a dialog allows them to dive deeper into their passion and purpose, immediately connecting you to the project and their needs. In addition to the vision, understanding expectations and workflow from the very beginning can provide a clearer path towards solutions and reduce setbacks down the road.
2. Think about the Why, Not the What

“People don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it.” -Simon Sinek

Your client already knows the Why, that’s why they have come to you. As Project Managers, it’s important that our team sees the Why as well and isn’t just executing tasks. Going back to step #1, Envision Together, understanding the motivation behind your client and being able to capture every opportunity within the project will allow you to optimize the solution. Don’t think “I am building a website,” think “I am building a website because…” This will allow you to best customize the project and offer solutions that best fit the client’s needs.
3. Treat the Project as if it Were Your Own

“Make it about them not about you.” -Simon Sinek

If this were your website, would you be proud of it? Project Management can be a balancing act, balancing the interests of the client with the interests of the company; however, it all comes down to doing the right thing and producing a solution you would be proud to share and call your own. Being open and honest about project needs, opportunities and risks builds trust and respect. When a client can see the dedication your team is putting towards their project, they will see you more as a partner and begin to imagine more opportunities to build the partnership and work together towards bigger goals.
4. Grow and Innovate

“No one knows everything. But together, we know a whole lot.” -Simon Sinek

Bayshore Solutions’ vision focuses around the theme- growth. There are many agencies that have communication and information silos that make it difficult for departments to communicate, really stifling growth and innovation. At Bayshore Solutions, we have a team-based delivery model and facilitate daily, cross-department meetings to ensure design, development, content and digital marketing are all on the same page and working together. When every project team member is involved from the beginning, and communicating throughout, some of the most innovative solutions come to fruition, achieving the greatest ROI for the client.

If you are looking to build more than a website, partner with Bayshore Solutions and grow with us today!

What do you find most important when building a partnership? Please share in the comments below!

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