2016_predictionsBy Kristin Vick, Bayshore Solutions Digital Marketing Team

2016 promises to be a big year for the Digital Marketing world, and with all the advances that technology brings, it can be hard to stay up-to-date with digital trends. So, what does this mean for competitive marketers that are already strategizing for 2016?

Brands and businesses need to examine the variety of digital opportunities and select strategies that best suit their business – not just jump on a bandwagon. Let’s take a look at the changes facing brands and give an inside look at what to focus on in 2016.

1) Mobile

In 2015, Google brought a lot of hype to the marketing world with “Mobilegeddon”.  So how did that impact the marketing media platform? Let’s put it this way, with more than two billion consumers expected to own a smartphone in 2016, brands have a huge opportunity to connect with future and current customers on the consumer’s fingertips.

On average, an adult spends more than THREE HOURS on their smartphone a day. If they act fast brands have a unique opportunity to reach consumers with a potential lower cost because mobile ad spend has yet to catch up with mobile media consumption.

2) Relationship Marketing

Relevance is key to catching and holding customers’ attention offline and online. Consumers expect content that is only relevant to them, meaning gone are the days of “mass marketing”.  Consumers want transparency and meaningful content to build relationships, and in turn they will become a brand advocate for you.

3) Content is STILL King

If there is such a thing as a “constant” in digital marketing, it is that content has, and most certainly always will be king. Content, however, should be well-planned and considered across multi-media channels.

What should your social strategy be on Facebook?How often should you blog? And the angst-inspiring question is “who comes up with all of this stuff?” It might be time to consider crowd-sourced content. In recent research, Onalytica discovered that just on YouTube alone,brand fans were creating 99% of the content that mentioned the brand. Consider building a content calendar that highlights all areas a consumer could meet your brand; website, social, email, etc. How are all of the pieces working together and are these experiences relevant to your audience?

4) Think “Glocal”

What is “Glocal”? Local is Global and Global is local. Consumers can find and reach a brand from a half a world away and all it takes is one re-tweet, one shared Facebook post, or one forwarded email. Brands are no longer only competing with stores/branches in the same town. Competitors are reaching target customers next door and across the globe, by using social, paid and other marketing channels.

5) Social Paid Advertising

There is no such thing a free lunch – or in this case, a free shout out. Social should and needs to be included in the paid advertising mix. The advertising game is pay to play, and as marketers you will need to adapt.

6) Marketing Automation

As Hubspot has reported, “Marketing automation alone is worth $5.5 Billion and is leading the way in lead generation and prospect nurturing.” Using automation makes it easier to utilize your content in many different formats. MA streamlines tasks like scheduling emails, segmenting contacts, automating social media posting, managing content, tracking the lifecycle of customers in the marketing funnel, and thus shortening the sales cycle.

Are you ready for digital marketing in 2016? Need help getting there? Bayshore Solutions has access to industry-specific data, toolsets and an expert team to drive successful campaigns for your business.

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