By: Bayshore Solutions Development Team

Bayshore Solutions’ goal is to provide our customers with the highest quality solutions that remain within a defined budget. Our customers benefit from stable and flexible software solutions so that they may focus on their business operations.  As a developers at Bayshore Solutions,  we work with many powerful tools to help us meet these goals. In this article we will look at a few of the motives behind our choice of tools and how this benefits our customers.

Bayshore Solutions’ developers are continually looking to write code that produces stable yet flexible solutions. Our application development and digital marketing expertise increases the market share for our customer’s products and services.  By continuously evolving best-in-class tools combined with efficient code solutions we not only solve our client’s business abstractions but we exceed their expectations.

Microsoft’s Visual Studio, an integrated development environment, is our tool of choice.  It consists of several coding languages, of which we implement C# (pronounced C-Sharp).  Our database is Microsoft SQL Server which provides ample capabilities and ease of use and Windows Server is our web and hosting platform.

Since its inception in 1996, Microsoft’s development stack is one of the most mature and diverse development platforms currently on the market.  Microsoft created the coding language C# to be robust enough to resolve complex business needs yet easy to understand and master.  Since its creation in 2000, C# has grown to be one of the primary business software development languages and is increasing its market share though its continued enhancements and improvements.

Visual Studio is a proprietary development suite, but it allows for unconstrained development.  With depth of capability and through our embrace of open architecture platforms, Bayshore Solutions has created an entire ecosystem of applications in a multitude of business disciplines.

Bayshore Solutions’ success and that of our customers is in part due to the expertise we possess with application development tools and the ecosystem we have fostered for innovation and growth.  We are proud to highlight our successes but we always seek to apply our acumen by welcoming exciting and challenging opportunities.  If you’ve got a web challenge, we’d love to help you solve it – Contact us today!


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