By: Bayshore Solutions Digital Marketing Team

Imagine being able to get all the positive social media conversations about your brand directly in front of your consumer instead of having it live throughout multiple search engine sites.

For example, you’re a cruise line getting ready for the summer vacation season. People are visiting your site doing some vacation research but are not converting. Having a real time social media stream of people talking about their cruise experience, posting images of the boat, and videos by the pool, it’s like having a large advertisement on your site encouraging your potential consumers to convert!

Tinker Stream Ads’ let major brands create a filtered stream of real-time content relevant to their products, which can then be displayed on publisher sites. Tinker enables distribution of real-time conversations taking place on social media sites, including Twitter, Facebook, and more.



Tinker enables publishers to create customizable widgets to share streams on their own web sites or blogs. Publishers can select from different types of widgets including the search widget, profile widget, group widget, event widget, and news widget.

A publisher can apply filters to the widgets posts, allowing posts only from recognized Tweeters or certain credible fans. The publisher can also filter out posts to display the best ones and even exclude certain competitors and particular keywords.

So instead of searching through social media sites for positive brand reinforcement to present to your consumers, place a condensed version on your site directly in front of your customers using Tinker widgets.

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