By: Bayshore Solutions Digital Marketing Team

More so now than ever before, content is king. Whether we’re talking about web content, press releases, blogs, podcasts or social media we all want our content to be read, liked and shared. Traditionally, in the case of a press release, you have two options and both can have very good results. You just need to know when you need to use carpet bombing or a more strategic, surgically-precise strike.

The deciding factor almost always starts with the subject matter. Is there a broad enough appeal to the general masses or is your subject more specific to a smaller market? The answer to this question can tell you how to best proceed.

If your subject doesn’t have broad based appeal, avoid a massive distribution to every media outlet with an e-mail address and start to narrow your focus. Answer the following questions: is there a geographic area that is most interested; what sort of person cares about this subject; and finally where do they go for their news and information?

Based on these answers, a strategic and precise distribution (don’t be afraid to call a few key contacts, too) can have much better results for getting your good news in front of your core audience.

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