By: Bayshore Solutions Development Team

So you’ve got an amazing website. It has great looking visuals, a product or service that is solid, content that is easy on the eyes and displays nicely on desktop computers, tablets and phones. Your digital marketing campaign is in full swing and you’re seeing a pattern of website traffic that makes sense and is reliable for future goals. Your website is a success!

As you strategize opportunities to bring your product or service to new visitors, you may want to consider adding support for different languages – a simple concept that is often overlooked. Even the best websites are passed on by audiences that don’t have support for their languages.  With most of the world on the Internet, language support is key in servicing your website’s visitors.

Many of today’s content management system(CMS)-based websites offer the option to add alternate versions of similar content in a different language. Depending on a visitor’s preferences and the content you’ve provided in alternate languages, visitors can have the versions of your webpage in their specific language served to them upon request. Bayshore Solutions offers a variety of CMS-based web products to help bridge the gap between different languages on a website. If you find the demand for alternate language is there, it may be helpful to set up a unique domain name tailored to a specific demographic. The new domain can provide visitors with a consistent theme and content matching your primary website or it can serve the visitors with a different marketing campaign designed for their demographic.

Online translation web services also exist to convert the text content on your website into different languages. Though tailored translated content is preferred, these web services are available for most websites and provide many language options for your visitors with minimal effort and speedy turnaround.

The development experts at Bayshore Solutions can set up a multi-language website for your company. Contact us to talk more about bringing language support to your site!

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