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The UX/UI Formula That Every C-Level Should Know

We’ll going to start by saying something that may be unpopular. Or at the very least, something that is seldom acknowledged within today’s performance-driven executive circles: DESIGN is every bit as important as Technology and Strategy in terms of conversion optimization and delivering ROI online. Now, before my design, development, and marketing colleagues begin their traditional debates on which attribute is mightier, let’s establish some clarity on what “GOOD DESIGN” is…

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”

It is an inaccurate and shallow perception to see the role of design as being nothing more than the aesthetic elements of a website. Too often design is dismissed amongst performance-driven executives as being superficial or less important than other elements. There are few things more costly to a website’s revenue and lead conversion potential than a decision making executive holding this misinformed view point. While data should drive your investment decisions, design is the manifestation of your strategy!

Good Design Differentiates
All one needs to do to solidify this point is to look at Apple to recognize that design has played a vital role in its consistent company growth and been a tool for how it has defined itself and all of its products. It’s not enough for a website to load fast, it has to direct traffic quickly and establish a clear value for your brand at the same pace the buyer is going through their decision making process.

Good Design is Functional (and Fast)
UX/UI design exceeds how a product looks and directly impacts how it works. Google’s main design principle has always been “Fast.” This design decision is reflected throughout the user experience in its full spectrum of products and even impacts search results. In 2015, the Aberdeen Group ran a study across 160 websites that looked at the impact of latency on the user experience. Just a delay of one second resulted in a decreases of 7% in conversions, 11% in page views, and 16% in customer satisfaction. Design has to be functional and fast to perform well in today’s competitive market.

Good Design is Simple (K.I.S.S.)
In order for design to be fast and functional, it also has to remain simple. Simplicity is easy to say but very hard to do. It requires a lot of discipline to explore the ideas of multiple stakeholders without complicating and disrupting the purpose and flow of the design. As users, we gravitate towards simplicity. Google has proven this in its widespread adoption of Docs and Gmail. Spoiling users at home with clean and functional design so they would demand the same tools at work was Google’s strategy all along.

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So what is this “UX/UI Formula” You mentioned?

Design + Technology + Strategy = Revenue

When people think about UX/UI design, the first thing that often comes to mind is, “How will my website look?” As long-time producers of award-winning websites, Bayshore Solutions knows the measure of successful design is not just about how a product looks but how it performs in its ability to deepen user engagement and compel revenue impacting action. We know that design is where the layers of framework, technological scope and strategy come together.
UX UI infographic, strategy framework wireframe and scope of user experience interface
Design has the ability to reflect the state of your company and its intent for better or worse. 20 years of integrated experience has given us the opportunity to successfully transform org charts and bios into recruitment tools and to visually manifest unique production processes. Contrasting that however, a lack of design consideration can reveal an absence of strategy, values, or principles supporting a product or service line. You need to think about design from the inside-out.

You can’t “fix” design or optimize your conversion opportunities without deeply considering all of the other layers and understand how they interact. This is why, as a company, we provide an integrated approach whether you are looking for a website redesign or contacting us with the intention of improving your search engine rank performance as the catalyst for growth.

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