By: Fred Wootten – Bayshore Solutions Programming Team

Clients often present us with existing websites that were written many years ago and ask “Is this programming language dead?”

While many technologies may have fallen out of mode in favor of new “sexier”, “cutting-edge” technologies, I believe that no language is dead as long as someone out there is successfully using it. An old technology does not necessarily constitute a dead technology. My programming career began with the long-forgotten Tango, yet I recently saw a job-board posting in search of a Tango programmer. It’s alive! While the concern that future support for a particular language may be difficult to find is valid, it may not be a good enough reason to abandon your existing site entirely.

Bayshore Solutions provides the majority of our programming solutions in Microsoft’s .NET, but we also support client sites that are written in ColdFusion, Classic ASP, and PHP. We also provide design and programming support for clients wanting sites developed using WordPress or Joomla.

With any legacy website, it is important to decide if your current needs warrant a change in your site’s programming language. A newer technology can provide valuable tools that can improve your business, but re-writing your website can be a huge undertaking which should only be done if the investment in time and money warrants it. A review of your requirements, motivation and budget will help determine which solution is best for you.

The addition of a content management system (CMS) that allows you to update your site’s content yourself or tools that can improve tracking of your sales or marketing efforts might warrant a big change and provide a big return on your investment.

A need for improved security or scalability of your site are also considerations that may indicate a need to abandon a less efficient code base.

If only minor changes are needed to the site, an overhaul of the site may be unnecessary. Many improvements can be made to an existing site without throwing out the original programming. HTML 5, CSS, and JavaScript can be implemented into most any programming language to add “punch” to an older site. If your current site contains all of the functionality you need, a new website design may be all that is needed to give an older website new life.

The bottom line is that most clients don’t care what language is used for their site programming as long as it works, serves their needs, and is scalable for future growth. It’s not the language that matters. It is the design, usability and functionality that makes a great website, using whatever technology is right for the job.


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