digital-summitby Patrick Obando, Account Manager

Attending Digital Summit Denver this year I had high expectations for two days full of inspiration. It did not disappoint. Digital Summit Denver left me even more motivated and enthusiastic than I could have ever imagined.

Whether it was Content, Search, or Social the speakers this year facilitated expertise, leadership, and practical solutions for all things digital.

Arnie Kuenn (@arnieK) kicked things off for me with a 4-hour session on his 8-step formula for content marketing. We immediately dove into strategy development working our way toward Ideation and Content Creation.  After developing a strategy towards solid content creation we learned optimization, promotion, and distribution. Finally we discussed Lead nurturing and measurement. Arnie’s inspirational advice gave me plenty of ideas to bring back to the office.

After the pre-conference workshop we were entertained by Al Madrigal (@almadrigal) speaking vehemently about his disdain for “Yelppers” and his experience reading a negative review for a place he actually really liked.  His delivery and take on digital had the crowd rolling with laughter.

The second half of the opening keynote was an enthusiastic and inspirational speech by Gary Vanerychuk (@garyvee). Gary has a very motivated tone while speaking, and got the crowd fired up believing in themselves and how they can inspire others. Gary used real world examples from his own life and career to relate his expertise to the crowd’s delight.  He took his families wine business from a respectful annual revenue of $3 million to an astonishing $60 million in just five years.  If you didn’t feel inspired by his speech, you don’t have a pulse.  I looked for his most recent book on Amazon right afterwards, but was pleased to find everyone in attendance was given a copy. That’s an effective way to get your message across.

Annie Gherini (@annieg) Stumbleupon, Jen Rhee (@juniorhee) Pinterest, Ryan Gombeski (@altituderyan) Altitude Digital, Ryan Phelan (@ryanpphelan) Adestra were all together on one stage for a round table entitled, “Navigating the Twists and Turns of Mobile Marketing.”  Some key take ways from this talented group:

  • Annie Gherini
    • Beacons are still an emerging technology, but will become more commonplace in the near future
    • Personalization is key, we have all of the data, so use it, but don’t be creepy
    • VR is next with essentially an infinite screen size
  • Jen Rhee
    • 50% of Pinterest email is opened on email
    • Provide a dedicated personalized mobile experience for email
    • Use less “one-size-fits-all” approach
  • Ryan Gombeski
    • Video consumption is making a transition from TV to mobile
    • VR is not a fad
    • The rise of ad blocking will continue
  • Ryan Phelan
    • 68% of millennials preferred email communication from businesses
      • Text was reserved for friends
    • Serve each party through each channel irrespective of any other channel
    • Be careful with privacy as its use and implications will grow

Nick Hoppa taught attendees all about Facebook Video.  With the re-targeting capabilities, analytics, and a huge reach, Facebook is primed to take social video head on. Some of Nicks’ key points were:

  • One in five pages views in the USA occurs on Facebook
  • Facebook live is engaged with 135% more than regular video
  • 360 video is the next frontier
  • Mobile is typically used for engaging; desktop is for purchases with a transition to mobile as the final step.
  • Focus on video since Facebook requires an extra click for audio
  • 85% of videos are watched in silence
  • You can create a new target audience from users that have watched your video

Katie Manly (@mannersinc) used the many identities of Bill Murray to illustrate identity mapping across currently disjointed data points.  Some key takeaways from Katies’ presentation:

  • Individual data points are not as valuable as data as a whole
  • Work with all departments to bring together a solid identity map of your target consumer, or existing customer
  • Social provides a lot of content and first person data, but is challenging in deriving a sense of how it impacts the business
  • Target customer look a likes to optimize acquisition campaigns

Mathew Sweezey (@msweezey) from Salesforce brought the new era of contextual marketing down to earth for the conference.  Some of Mathews’ insights:

  • In 1960 there were 5 media channels
    • Today there are over 200
  • Consumers can determine if there is value in a web experience within 1/20th of a second
  • Marketing needs to work on top of all other departments
    • Marketing needs to collaborate across all touch points of the customer experience
  • The Top 10 websites in the world offer the user “self-discovery” Ie. Google, YouTube, etc.
  • Consumers will conduct 2-3x’s of batch research for each decision
  • People prefer to disqualify before qualify

Laura Wilson (@lauraewilson) from Georgetown University came jam-packed with effective Snapchat campaigns that her team puts into play on campus. As the popularity of Snapchat continues to soar Laura offered key takeaways for taking your brand on a new social journey:

  • Snapchat had 8 billion views in March
    • In May they had 10 billion!
  • Facebook users were sharing their experiences based on what they thought their friends would consume
  • Users have less self-presentational concerns on Snapchat
    • Users are less concerned with how their friends are consuming their content
  • The “Why” for Snapchat is about meeting people where they are, and where they are going to be
  • Snapchat is great for getting users to create your content for your brand
    • Also great for “behind-the-scenes” content

I had another successful experience at Digital Summit Denver learning a lot from the diverse group of speakers and interacting with other attendees during networking periods.  I would highly recommend this conference for anyone who wants to stay on top of the ever-changing landscape of all things digital.

What once was a dark hallway of unknowns, is now an illuminated pathway to success.




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