By: Doug Pace – Bayshore Solutions Vice President and COO

This past week I had the opportunity to participate in a leadership program delivered by the Disney Institute.  Although the leadership content is worth a blog in itself, I was amazed by some of the new technology initiatives at Disney and the possibilities this trail blazes for web technology integrations for hospitality businesses.  The Disney team has done a great job of thinking about a guests experience pre-visit, in-park, and post visit and the new MyMagic+ initiative is at the pinnacle of such a solution.

MyMagic+ will provide each individual guest with a bracelet embedded with an RFID chip.  The bracelet is paired with an online portal and a mobile application that will be available for most smart phones.  In anticipation of the formal rollout of this program, Disney has also WIFI enabled throughout their whole park – giving users free access to use their phone application.  Once the user has activated their bracelet and downloaded the app a new level of service is available.  The bracelet alone acts as the guest’s park ticket, room key, photopass, and charge account while on the Disney properties.  When the bracelet is paired with the app and or the website, the user can see their associated photos, reserve fast passes for popular rides, and make restaurant reservations. Talking about restaurants – a guest will have the ability to order on the mobile application, have a seat at a table, touch their RFID to a receiver, and have their food magically brought to them.  The RFID will also allow for characters to know the names of guests and greet them like old friends.

Although I love this idea at is core for its enhancement to the overall guest experience, I also have to admire the opportunity that Disney will have to explore the Big Data side of this equation.    The RFID chip provides a whole new insight into each guest, their preferences, and their tendencies.  The data scientists at Disney will have a new playground of predictive modeling challenges and opportunities to “direct the path” of the user based on communications with the mobile application.   Some may fear the potential “big brother” aspects of this technology – but I look at it as an opportunity to decrease lines, eliminate wait times, and enhance the guest experience.

Think of the possibilities…If the models look like too many individuals are choosing the same restaurant for lunch, the application may suggest and give incentives to try other nearby food areas.  If too many people are headed for Space Mountain, the app might provide a free fast pass for something on the other side of the park.   The app could potentially connect vacationing friends and families across the park acting as a Facebook for individual within close proximity.  It would be amazing to think that this app could pair up long lost friends that happen to be a Disney during the same period (Yes it does happen as I have run into friends almost every time I have visited the park).

Keep a lookout for the next phases of the Disney MyMagic+ program – you might see the mouse blending Facebook’s connectivity, Googles predictive analysis, and Disney’s guest service into something that creates a whole new medium.

How can this type of innovation and integration of web technology be applied to your business?  The Bayshore Solutions team consults with businesses to explore their digital footprint and create new ways of integrating technology and marketing expertise to delight customers and deliver business results.  Contact us today and let’s explore how we can help grow your business!


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