Before You Hit Send! Use This Email Marketing Launch Checklist

Most email marketers share the same nightmare—after hitting send, our recipients point out a mistake, and it’s a mistake that could have been avoided. So, if you are like most email marketer and nervous to hit “send” on your emails, use this list of email marketing best practices, and check it twice.

Make a Good First Impression

The first elements subscribers will see of your email are the sender name, subject line and preview text. Make them count! Use a familiar sender name that your subscribers know and trust. Keep your subject line short but make it relevant and enticing to the reader. Your preview text should support your subject line and provide more information on why the email cannot be missed. Working in unison, these elements are key to getting your email opened and read!

Check if Your Email is Responsive

In our new technology world filled with iPhones, Androids and tablets, an email marketer must make sure their email displays correctly on different devices.  Most Email Server Providers (ESPs) have an email marketing tool that will allow you to test your email in different platforms. If your ESP doesn’t have this tool, at the very least make sure you test your emails in the most popular devices and include an option to “view in browser” in the header of your email.

Review your Content

You want to provide your readers with the best possible experience, so be sure to double check the body of your email. Make sure you’re using actionable language, alt text is applied to all images, and that all information is accurate (is the date of the event I’m promoting correct?) If possible, have a team member review your content for grammatical and spelling errors.  Are you a marketing team of one? A good email marketing solution would be to invest in a tool like Grammarly to be your second set of eyes!

Check All Links

Always send a test email to yourself and click through each link. Do they take you to the appropriate destination? Think about the subscriber’s journey from email to landing page. Can a better experience be provided? If you’re appending tracking to each link, be sure that the parameters are updated for each send. Using Google Analytics? Try this URL builder to easily add consistent tracking parameters on all of your links!

Include a Call-To-Action

It’s a common email marketing best practice to include a call-to-action (CTA) so your audience knows exactly what to do. Your CTA can be a link, a button, or an image. Just be sure your email includes one call to action (though it can be displayed multiple times within your email, if it makes sense to do that) that it is prominent and works!

Check your Audience

Have you segmented your list to target the right audience for your email? You don’t want to accidentally send the email to the wrong list of subscribers and risk the chance of earning a bunch of unsubscribes. Be sure to double check your list(s) before hitting send.

Are you CAN-SPAM Compliant?

CAN-SPAM doesn’t just apply to junk emails, these rules apply to every commercial email you send. If you aren’t compliant you can face severe fines. Remember, if you’re sending to contacts outside of the United States, there are other regulations that need to be followed. Be sure to adhere to all regulations that apply to your business.

Bottom line, mistakes happen to all of us.  Even the most seasoned email marketing strategists will sometimes send an email with mistakes, but this checklist will provide you with the best tips to avoid that scenario. Now that you are ready to send your error-proofed email, be sure to check out our previous blog about how to improve your Email CTR.  If you need help with your email marketing strategies and tactics, contact Bayshore Solutions to discuss our digital marketing services today.

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