By: Kimberly McCormick- Bayshore Solutions Corporate Marketing Team

Bayshore Solutions just co-produced a very content-packed event that brought Bing’s Search Evangelist and the principal marketing executives for Carnival Corporation, the Melting Pot Restaurants and Creative Sign Designs to Tampa. They spoke to the audience of nearly 200 marketers about their insights and approaches to internet marketing, and what’s working to help their businesses succeed. A word I kept hearing throughout all the presentations was Consistency—consistency of experience and consistency of approach commitment.

One of the many insights that Bing’s search Evangelist, Kunal Das, left participants with centered on how to succeed in paid advertising with Bing. It might seem basic to experienced SEO practitioners, but is easily downplayed when marketers and creative aspirations are crafting the next attention riveting headline to draw attention to online ads (which is a natural tendency for marketing creatives) and that is strict and simple consistency of keywords in the entire online ad experience.

The keywords bid upon need to be consistent with the ad copy, and consistent with what the users (and search engine) encounter when they click through the ad to the landing page in order to achieve a favorable quality score. Kunal explained that why this consistency is especially relevant to paid search success with Bing (which now holds a 30% market share, among other demographic factors that make it an avenue worth consideration). Bing uses an advanced filtration system that looks heavily to consistency when deciding when and where to show an ad to searchers. So in order to get your ads in front of the eyes of searchers for the keywords you are desiring, there needs to be a consistent treatment of keyword relevancy all the way through the paid search communications path. It is a basic tenet, and a good reminder of basic blocking and tackling that demands consistency to deliver results.

The three marketing executives (one of which who is also the CEO) that presented case stories of their approach and journeys in online marketing, talked about consistency in more forms. Consistency of brand was one. Going through the exercise of matching a company’s brand image (logo presentation and placement) to the caliber of the company’s size, markets-served and professionalism is extremely important as this iconography sets the tone for all of the firm’s messaging, recognition and formation of customer perception. The consistency continues with ensuring that the brand integrity follows through to all exposure points of internal and external communication.

Another form of consistency that was discussed was consistency in approach: consistently keeping the goals and principles of an organization in mind when deciding on marketing initiatives; and consistently committing to the initiatives pursued. For example, if you commit to an initiative of posting on Facebook three times a week or blogging weekly then come hell or high-water, be consistent and do so. Another interesting of consistent behaviors that came up was to consistently scan for new online marketing channels and experiment with them (within a consistent parameter of goals, measurement of outcome and decisions on this information).

This takeaway, for me underscored the attention to detail and discipline involved in the practice of Marketing, especially in the dynamic arena of online marketing. Right alongside that these insights renewed my appreciation for the team of experts and expertise that it takes to stay on your “A” game and keep your business growing on the Web.

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