By: Jay Wiley – Bayshore Solutions Vice President

Toward the end of every year the leaders of Bayshore Solutions start to create and define the strategic direction for the upcoming year. We talk to our team members and customers, form committees, research other agencies in our industry and discuss with our peers. The underlying theme this year was “Story”. How do we tell the right story with every project, partnership or campaign?

In order to develop this story process we have started to define our own story. We created a playbook to illustrate our story that will be used internally to educate our co-workers and even potential customers on everything that is Bayshore Solutions.

The interesting thing about the exercise is that it paved the way for us to start thinking about how we can better relate to our customers. I believe the key is engagement. Not only for our own employees but also engagement with our customers. Taking an interest in their business, getting to know them on a personal level, touring their facilities, and involving the entire team from start to finish all help create the engagement that transitions our relationship from a vendor to a partner.

How do we do this?

  • We’re Enthusiastic! We align team members with similar interests or who utilize our customers’ products or services. The excitement and enthusiasm for your success becomes personal and shows through to your customers.
  • We Listen. We strive to kick-off all of our projects with what we call an “Envision” phase. Envision is basically where we find out about the business and the customer by asking questions and documenting requirements. This work also helps identify potential challenges with the project and allows us to brainstorm and come up with the best possible solution. We talk to our partners about their business, identify their goals for the project, and then generate ideas and create campaigns that are aligned with their vision.
  • We Communicate. Constant communication is key. During the course of every engagement there will be opportunities for mis-communication that if not addressed, can cause frustrations. It is our feeling that communication needs to be continuous, concise and easy to understand and whenever possible, face-to-face. We are always focused on improving our process to engage in personal and effective communications.
  • We Deliver. We live by the principle, ”Do what you said you were going to do.”
  • We Celebrate. We celebrate our partners’ victories by communicating new site launches or successful marketing campaigns through our media and social media channels, by creating great case stories to showcase the successful results of our efforts, and by submitting the websites we’ve partnered to create for various web award evaluation and recognition. We present website design and development customers with a full-color plaque illustrating their website launch and, of course, extend congratulations and site launch support.

If you would like to experience such personalized expertise with your website and digital marketing, please contact us and we can start an engaging and successful relationship.


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